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Alaska State Troopers

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Network: NatGeo

A documentary series following various bureaus within the Alaska State Troopers.

The Alaska State Troopers are one of the toughest law enforcement agencies in the US. They patrol alone along miles of rugged, unforgiving terrain, responding by air, land, or sea to aid people and wildlife.

Backup is sometimes days away and temperatures are unbelievably cold. But regardless of the need, the troopers are always prepared for any and everything.

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Comments (7)

Posted 08/11/17 at 02:25:23

Shelby farrier
Posted 03/10/16 at 13:38:46

Are you ever going to bring back new shows? My husband and I really miss it. I sure hope you do. God bless the troopers.
Posted 01/07/16 at 18:52:53

If Alaska State Troopers was canceled then why was there a new episode on last night?
Shelly B
Posted 11/15/15 at 16:57:13

This was a great show...good way to see and try to understand how different Alaska is from the rest of the states..bummer.
Posted 10/01/15 at 11:12:39

It is unfortunate that this show was cancelled. However, after the death of two troopers in the village of Tanana, it isn't surprising that the state wants to focus more on training and ensuring the safety of the troopers.
ast fan
Posted 05/08/15 at 17:08:02

I agree Mike, this is unfortunate.
I always loved cops and this was just like cops, plus it showed the culture/unique events of Alaska which was quite interesting!
mike dobey
Posted 04/21/15 at 08:23:50

This was a good reality show. It didn't make up anything. It was 'cops' of the north and I was surprised to see them ax it.

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