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Sep 17, 2009 - Present




Comedy / Animated


Archer - H. Jon BenjaminCheryl - Judy GreerChris - Chris ParnellLana - Aisha TylerMalory - Jessica WalterWoodhouse - George CoePam - Amber NashDr. Krieger - Lucky Yates

An animated comedy following the employees of an international spy agency.

Sterling Archer works for the International Secret Intelligence Service - or ISIS. Although he works as a spy specializing in global espionage, he actually prefers the perks that come with being a secret agent - fast cars, spy toys, and women.

He and his cohorts at ISIS must not only battle espionage, but also each other.

Comments (5)

08/13/16 at 06:19am

Love this show... in way is it for kids, but it's fantastic for adults... Pam and cheryl Crack me up
03/07/15 at 08:40pm

One of the funniest shows on TV now.
08/05/14 at 07:31am

One of the funniest shows ever! Even though season 5 'Archer Vice' isn't up to par, IMO, It's still LOL hilarious. I was happy to learn that season 6 is going back to the spy format. Never want this show to end!
05/27/13 at 06:12pm

This show climaxed (pun intended) in the Space Race episodes, freaking hilarious. Then it's been downhill since then, something is missing.
Dave Campbell
05/15/12 at 09:29pm

this show is hilarious and raunchy. I love it!

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