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Billy the Exterminator

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Network: A&E

A reality series following Billy Bretherton as he tackles some of Louisiana's creepiest and most outrageous pest problems.

Formerly called "The Exterminators" in its first season, "Billy the Exterminator" follows pest control expert Billy Bretherton and his family as they tackle some of the most crazy and unusual pest problems in Louisiana. From spiders to cougars, Billy has seen it all.

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Comments (50)

John Wimmer
Posted 12/16/14 at 10:00:07

Hi Billy, During this Christmas season, I would like to wish you, your Father, Bill Sr. your mother, Donnie, Brother, Ricky and Karen, Heather and the rest of your crew a Merry Christmas. Billy, your show was the best, I hope you return to A&E and resume the success you had, God Bless, tell everyone hello, John Wimmer
Mary Lotito
Posted 11/28/14 at 19:49:30

Please bring Billy's show back I really enjoy watching this show
John Wimmer
Posted 10/24/14 at 15:19:00

I do hope Billy returns to Television, I own all of the series of Billy the Exterminator. Billy has a great family, Ricky his brother is a great guy, I have told Billy's family how I miss watching his show and how great Billy's parents are, Billy has a great family.
Posted 10/24/14 at 14:09:18

a&e give it a break marijuana is one thing but fake marijuana really give the guy a break its a great show me and my grand kids love it ....
Posted 10/22/14 at 14:33:53

Please bring this show back because this was one of my shows that I watched all of the time please come back billy I know just all little part of you knows that you should bring the show back. Please billy. 😥
Posted 10/17/14 at 18:40:54

Billy likes his show but the dumass would rather throw it all away to synthetic maryjane. Well what do you expect. His mom and da are actually brother and sister
Posted 09/30/14 at 14:48:02

Bring Billy back he has a great show.
Posted 09/25/14 at 16:54:00

You have to bring it back because this was one show that my husband and I actually watched together. We love Billy!!!
Posted 09/12/14 at 21:26:38

Bring back billy!!!
Posted 09/03/14 at 14:56:59

If he is indeed in jail as posters here say-- bring him back to the show when he's out.
Dont care what he does in his own time just bring him back. The kids love to
Watch the show they really get educated.
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