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Richard Castle is a well known murder-mystery author who discovers that a murderer is killing people in the same fashions as described in his books.

Castle has just killed off his main character, however it appears as if one of his fans liked his books a bit too much when the murders are linked back to his novels. After questioning by police, Richard Castle joins forces with Detective Kate Beckett to solve the case.

Finding inspiration from his new partner, he starts to shadow her investigations, where he offers his knowledge to assist in solving other murders in New York City.

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Posted 11/23/16 at 08:15:31

I loved the show and the passionate chemistry between Kate and Castle. I was looking forward to seeing their life continue as husband and wife. This show will be greatly missed.
Posted 11/08/16 at 14:52:06

I have really loved watching this show. I know there have been some shows that were duds, Kate as an agent; but I am sorry to see it go. Maybe Mr. Fillion can find a good vehicle to make even better. The last season was not the best. LokSat was a bust storyline, but this show was better on it's bad days than any reality show could ever be. I think the networks need to find some talented writer!!!!!!!!
Posted 10/15/16 at 00:52:20

Love Castle it was a off the seat drama mystery and I always looked foward to seeing them every week wish it wasn't the last time it was a great cop show
Posted 08/03/16 at 08:16:03

I will miss this one. Any more like this coming up?
Posted 05/26/16 at 18:32:03

Was a really good show. It had run it's course. Thank you for the great ending.
Posted 05/24/16 at 14:16:12

There are to many "reality shows" on the tube to lose "Castle". Good watchable shows, that don't have a laugh track or drawn are few and far between. The Networks wonder why people who actually use their brains keep finding better shows else where. I, and I'm sure others, feel the loss of a great show and hope we don't get another "Celib Anything Show". As Forrest Gump said "Stupid is as stupid does.
Posted 05/24/16 at 13:17:18

This is why I stopped watching castle at season seven. It was the perfect ending. Season eight was really unnecessary esp since they ended up cancelling it. Anyone who wants to watch castle, go for it. It's the best show ever but just stop watching at season seven that way the season remains perfect.
Posted 05/23/16 at 16:45:06

The ending with Beckett and Castle "dying" was probably meant to be a cliffhanger to be continued in the next season when they will be rescued... except that there'll be no more next season. The news so sudden, they didn't have the time to rewrite the episode except for tagging on a happy ever after ending, and that is really sad.
I didn't care for the LokSat theme, even the name makes no sense. The British character didn't add much, I found her annoying. I missed Castle the novelist who charms Beckett, it was a lot of fun to watch the dynamics. Not so much when he turned into a PI. Still I wish the show would go on.
Posted 05/22/16 at 11:33:39

My husband, Mom and myself have been Castle fans since the very first episode of the first season. I was sadden to hear they were cancelling the show. I LOVE that show and am a big Nathan Fillian fan. But I can watch Castle whenever I choose because I've started collecting the seasons on DVD. :-) There isn't one season I don't like--yes, that includes season 8 which seems to be getting a bad rap. Now, to talk about the final episode....I liked it! When I saw Bekett and Castle get shot and she crawled over to grab hold of his hand and they panned backward to show them lying there, bleeding, on the floor, I thought, "NO! They can't di! You can't end it like that!" I was very happy to see the "Seven years later" come on the screen and was smiling when they showed the credits. I really liked the ending. Farewell to a great show, it will be missed.
Private Detective
Posted 05/20/16 at 11:27:23

"Seven Years Later"? Not exactly the sort of ending I expected, but it was better then leaving them to die and wonder from that moment forward. Richard and Kate with three children (two boys, one girl). Whatever happened with Kate going on to become Senator Beckett, as prophesied by "Simon Doyle"(Joshua Gomez from "Chuck") in Season 6, episode 5? Oh well.

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Nathan Fillion (Castle)
Stana Katic (Dt. Beckett)
Susan Sullivan (Martha)
Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Roy)
Molly Quinn (Alexis)
Jon Huertas (Dt. Esposito)
Tamala Jones (Dr. Parish)
Seamus Dever (Dt. Ryan)