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Network: HBO

A comedy that follows a high school basketball coach who resorts to prostitution in tough times.

Ray Drecker was once a sports legend in his high school days, but as a high school basketball coach is now facing desperate times.

Middle-aged, divorced, and struggling to provide for his kids, Ray looks for a second job to make ends meet and finds that he can use his exceptional physical endowments to change his fortunes.

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Posted 06/22/12 at 06:02:42

This is why I will not renew my subscription with HBO.
Posted 06/17/12 at 20:29:20

Loved this show, Finally a show about my profession. Except that most of my Janes are 65 year old heavy women
Posted 04/30/12 at 06:16:06

They do have a survey. When enough people watch the show then they keep making it.
Posted 04/10/12 at 18:56:51

I know u didn't cancell this show HUNG damn y'all taking all my shows off! Who's running this....I believe you need 2 take a survey. Y'all bring a these new shows on that no one is watching. So if. U did cancell it pleases bring it back!
Posted 03/20/12 at 20:21:26

What a piece of crap!!!
Posted 09/20/11 at 09:55:45

Hung is returning October 2, 2011 for Season 3. It will be a 10-episode run.

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Genre: Comedy

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Thomas Jane (Ray)
Jane Adams (Tanya)
Anne Heche (Jessica)
Eddie Jemison (Ronnie)
Sianoa Smit-McPhee (Darby)
Charlie Saxton (Damon)