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Jersey Shore

On Air: 
Network: MTV

A reality series following eight housemates spending their summers together.

Pauly D, Snooki, The Situation, and other housemates are followed by a camera crew as they go through work, love, friendships, drama, and hookups.

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Prezi Obama
Posted 05/31/13 at 07:50:11

Justice, has been done.
Karl Barnes
Posted 05/12/13 at 01:43:10

The worse thing to be on tv. They were snot nose little brats. They made me angry at what main stream entertainment has become. Thank Jehovah God for it being cancelled. My nephew broke my nose because i changed MY tv in MY room when this crap was on.
Posted 04/17/13 at 13:44:50

THANK YOU GOD, THIS SHOW IS AND FOREVER WILL BE COMPLETE CRAP. All my friends watch it and I dont know why, it is an insult to humanity
Posted 03/30/13 at 07:35:51

I had a very different reason for watching this show. My husband and I went to the Jersey shore from the beginning of our relationship in 1992 until 2006. He has passed away. This gave me great memories of the times we had, places we stayed and things that we did on the boardwalk. I miss seeing this show! I guess I will have to buy the DVD's.
Posted 03/22/13 at 14:05:55

thank god
Posted 03/03/13 at 14:03:13

Cancelled - thank you! These people are not even from NJ and do not represent us.
Posted 01/18/13 at 19:37:29

this show was a lot of fake and dumb crap and it was the worst but for some reason I STILL WATCHED IT.....
Posted 11/16/12 at 06:24:53

L111oeve it
Posted 11/12/12 at 03:30:34

This show was crap. Everyone of those guys were punks and juicers and couldn't fight their way out of paper bags. Great role models for our kids. Good riddance
Posted 10/11/12 at 15:33:19

Finally!! This had to be one of the dumbest show to ever get on tv. Makes me wonder why they waited so long to take this bullshit off the air

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