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Lie to Me

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Network: Fox

Based around behavioral specialists who work at The Lightman Group, a firm which helps detect lies for clients ranging from the FBI and local police to corporations and individuals.

Inspired by a real-life behavioral scientist, Lie to Me follows deception expert Dr. Cal Lightman and his team of lie detection experts as they work to uncover the truth in a wide range of cases.

While Lightman focuses on the details, his partner, Dr. Gillian Foster, brings balance to the partnership by thinking about the overall picture and using her expertise in psychology. Together, no truth can be concealed from them.

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Kathleen Swapp
Posted 03/20/17 at 13:57:22

I'm just watching the 2nd season on Netflix never having seen it in prime time and I'm very sad it was never renewed too. I agree with everyone about this being such an interesting and entertaining show about real technology. I'm so sick of 'reality TV' I could scream!
Sharon Belle
Posted 07/17/16 at 09:09:33

I am constantly amazed that the most idiotic, infantile programs are renewed while anything interesting and well written with exceptional actors is cancelled. Not everyone in America wants to watch brats like the Kardashians and "Caitlin" or "reality" shows that are scripted and everything but real. There are still some of us that prefer intelligent viewing. But ratings are based on the masses and evidently there are masses of idiots in America. No wonder the few good shows that are worth watching are the ones that are cancelled. That is why I don't watch television anymore. Any program worth watching never stays on for more than three seasons. Most are cancelled after one. No sense watching something that isn't going to be continued. Thanks for contributing to the dumbing down of America. You should be proud.
Posted 08/28/14 at 13:16:11

Great show...perfect actor..and they cancel the show...!!!!!????....What were they thinking?..get rid off some of those ridiculous reality shows and put Lie to Me back on....please..!!!!
Posted 09/11/13 at 18:28:59

I just watched the series finale. I can't believe the show ended the way it did. I have to have answers. I need answers. They should bring this show back. It was such an amazing show.
Lisa Prall
Posted 05/18/13 at 21:37:18

One of my favorite shows!! Couldn't wait each week for this show to come on. Even recorded it and watched it over!! Excellent actors. So much more for them to experience together Sparks on Cal and Gillian!! Bring it back PLEASE!!!
Posted 03/13/13 at 19:11:51

Ok...I need my "Lie to Me" back. Nothing on TV compares to or makes you think like this one.
Posted 02/19/13 at 21:53:09

This was one of the smartest shows on Television. It made you think, it made you wonder. It wasn't just empty lines like so many of the things currently on tv. BRING IT BACK DUMB ASSES!!!
Posted 10/28/12 at 02:55:06

Why have they cancelled lie to me
Me its brilliant
Posted 10/21/12 at 14:18:58

Bring it back! Great show!
Posted 08/02/12 at 20:49:48

Please bring it back I want to see Gillian get with Cal

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Tim Roth (Dr. Lightman)
Kelli Williams (Dr. Foster)
Brendan Hines (Loker)
Monica Raymund (Torres)
Mekhi Phifer (Reynolds)