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Men of a Certain Age

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Network: TNT

A dramedy following three best friends dealing with the reality of middle age.

Joe, Owen and Terry are three college friends who find themselves in their late 40s or early 50s. Men of a Certain Age follows the friendship bonds between them and their lives.

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Posted 05/23/13 at 05:37:32

Sorry this one did not get renewed. Was funny and so true of many of the over age 50 set.
Chris D
Posted 01/18/13 at 13:50:44

As a "Man of a Certain Age" who has life issues as we all do and also buddies with their oqn set of issues. Every episode of this show gave me a memory and a grin. Good actors, great show. Hollywood prefers to give a million bucks to a lay person after a year of humiliation and save the salaries of actors. Good for bottom line bad for viewers but some people watch that crap!
Posted 11/23/12 at 08:35:45

this friggin sux.. i didnt know it was cancelled
Posted 10/18/12 at 08:46:42

Watched this show with great interest. Program about middle-aged men and their problems. Wondered from the beginning who would care but by the end of the first season, realized that I DID. Being middle-aged, MOCA is relative to my life and true to my actions and interests. Found myself caught up in the three men's struggles and what they were going through on a daily basis. Too bad someone at TNT didn't see this show through my eyes. (Probably a young, upstart buck, who had no idea yet what it was like to be middle-aged) Pity, good shows come and go and trash continues to win the ratings race.
Posted 06/17/12 at 19:24:58

Another very well written Smart show crapped all over some body needs to get fired...
Posted 06/06/12 at 09:53:47

In the era of trash tv, this was a refreshing and outstanding series....well cast and extremely entertaining...we can NOT believe that is was cancelled and no one else picked it up!!! Some network needs to get on the ball and acknowledge this show and start it again,..
Posted 05/14/12 at 17:07:24

Who is running TNT these days? Here is a quality show with outstanding actors and writing and now it is gone.
I am a woman who followed this show every week, seeing things a little differently thanks to Joe, Terry and Owen. I can't believe this, it almost makes me afraid to try a new show anymore. I have always loved Law & Order but even I get tired of it 6 times a day.They certainly had room on their schedule for this show. What happened?
Posted 04/14/12 at 04:42:36

No way did they cancel this show! It was one of my favorite shows, rated #2 on my TiVo Season Pass! The stupidity that plays year after year never ceases to amaze me. I loved these guys and following their lives. What is wrong with everyone?!
Posted 03/31/12 at 21:36:09

Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.
Posted 03/17/12 at 12:43:40

Do not get this one. Great show, acting, plot, character development, it had it all. Great shame

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Ray Romano (Joe)
Scott Bakula (Terry)
Andre Braugher (Owen)
Brittany Curran (Lucy)
Braeden Lemasters (Albert)