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Network: Syfy

A retelling of a famous legend, filled with mystery and adventure.

Merlin takes the original Arthurian legends of Camelot and introduces us to an Arthur who is not quite King and a Merlin who is not yet in control of his powers or aware of his destiny.

Characters such as Guinievere, Morgana le Fay, and Lancelot also are woven into the story.

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Posted 02/12/17 at 20:22:19

I'm still hoping this show is brought back by Netflix, Amazon, or any network.
Posted 09/20/15 at 09:38:03

I love the show Merlin! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!! I have been searching for other shows that are similar or exactly like Merlin, but cannot find any because there is no other show anything like Merlin....Merlin was a GREAT show!! BRING IT BACK!!!!
Posted 05/30/15 at 18:27:28

Best show ever interesting set back in the day which I love castles Kings witches magick story was well thought of and said they cancel shows like this and keep dumb shows full of sex and murder and same old crap...people don't know a good show these days!!!
Posted 09/01/14 at 15:08:54

Would LOVE to see some episodes after it's known how awesome Merlin really is!!!!!!
Posted 08/31/13 at 22:02:51

thay show arther retarn
Posted 08/24/13 at 18:54:12

What a thrilling ride. I love Merthur! And Colin & Bradley!
Resa Hodges
Posted 08/10/13 at 14:24:50

Why didn't Merlin just have the dragon give them a ride there to save Arthur.... Lame way to end a wonderful series!
Posted 08/03/13 at 21:03:36

Please bring Merlin back. I love the show.
Marianne Jennings
Posted 06/09/13 at 10:28:03

Please bring Merlin back.we really love that husband and i watch it together every Friday night.that a real shame they take off the good show's and they bring in show's that isn't good to watch,so please bring it back and i know every body would be glad to see it back i know my husband and i would.
Marianne Jennings
Posted 06/09/13 at 10:15:28

please bring back Merlin that's the best show my husband and i ever's a shame that they are taking the good show off and they are bringing no good show's,please bring it back i know everybody that watch it would love to see it come back,we miss our show

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Colin Morgan (Merlin)
Bradley James (Prince Arthur)
Richard Wilson (Gaius)
Anthony Head (Uther)
Angel Coulby (Guinevere)
Katie McGrath (Morgana)
John Hurt (The Great Dragon)
Michelle Ryan (Nimueh)