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Sep 23, 2009 - Present






Jay - Ed O'NeillGloria - Sofia VergaraPhil - Ty BurrellClaire - Julie BowenAlex - Ariel WinterCameron - Eric StonestreetMitchell - Jesse Tyler FergusonHaley - Sarah HylandLuke - Nolan GouldManny - Rico Rodriguez

A sitcom following the trials and tribulations of three families of all shapes and sizes.

Jay recently got married to a much younger, and better looking, woman named Gloria. He's now trying his best to keep up with his new Colombian wife and her preteen son, Manny.

Claire is having a tough time dealing with raising her own family. Her husband, Phil, is busy trying to be a cool dad to their kids, much to everyone's embarrassment.

Same-sex couple Mitchell and Cameron have just adopted a Vietnamese baby named Lily, which is a huge change in their lives.

In Modern Family, all three families put their unique comedic spin on what it means to be a parent or grow up in this day and age.

Comments (18)

02/05/14 at 08:52pm

This show... needs to go.
07/16/13 at 02:25am

Seriously the funniest show on TV. Phil is an absolute champion, kudos to the actor who makes him what he is.. Beyond that, every actor/ess is perfect for their part in this show which is what makes this such a huge success..
Keep it up Modern Family, you rock!
05/18/13 at 01:13pm

Still great! Glad it's renewed!
05/13/13 at 05:58pm

European@ I know at least two shows from my country similar to this one, BUT it still rocks :) Love it.
10/19/12 at 11:43am

I still remember season 1 episode 1 where I was completely thrown of my game. This kind of humor was totally new and unseen. At least not in Europe. But quickly I became very fond of the embarrassing situations that make the show. Being gay myself, I like Mitch & Cameron, who give a more real live version of flamboyant gays. Which I know a few off. Season 4 started strong again, so I keep watching it!
09/27/12 at 02:09am

Love this show, Phil is my hero and the funniest guy on TV right now.
Cathy and Gary
08/15/12 at 06:21pm

Love this show, it's something different and unexpected... Just what we needed.
07/12/12 at 04:18pm

Hilariously funny love it !!!

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