• Season 11 of NCIS: Los Angeles premieres on Sunday, Sept 29 at 9:30pm.

NCIS: Los Angeles

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Sep 22, 2009 - Present




Drama / Crime


Sam - LL Cool JG - Chris O'DonnellHetty - Linda HuntKensi - Daniela RuahMarty - Eric Christian OlsenEric - Barrett FoaNell - Renee Felice SmithOwen - Miguel FerrerNate - Peter Cambor

This spin-off of NCIS follows the high stakes world of a division known as the Office of Special Projects.

The OSP division of NCIS is charged with tracking down and apprehending dangerous criminals that threaten the nation's security. By assuming false identities and using advanced technologies, this undercover team of highly trained agents put their lives on the line to take down their targets.

This tight-knit group is equipped with the latest gear as they are sent into life-threatening situations to protect national interests.

Comments (25)

05/02/18 at 03:06pm

I am done with this show. You have stopped having Hettie on and she is the ONLY reason I watch this show
01/01/18 at 09:48pm

To the writers of NCISLA. Get back to your roots. NCIS always ties in why they are involved,LA not so much. Bring Hettie(Heddy ?) Linda Hunt back,PLEASE ! Can't stand the arrogance of the new boss, and get off the boat and get back to life Sam and give Nell more air time. It's also time for Eric to act his age and put on big boy pants,after all he's NCIS. If he's not sure of the dress code have Gibbs set him straight.
01/01/18 at 09:34pm

Have always loved this show, but it appears to be struggling these days. Without "Heddy" it lacks some thing. Nia Long is probably a fine actress, but she is terrible in this part. She kinda sneers her lines. She is awful. I think they have been heading in the wrong direction. The plots are like a sidebar.
10/19/17 at 11:30am

I am very disappointed in the way this show has taken a turn. I am not a fan of deeks and wish Hettie was back. I am Thinking about not watching it any more it has taken a turn for the worse
12/13/16 at 06:48am

I hate that they moved this show to Sunday night because I forget that it is on! I tried to DVR it, but missed 1/2 the show due to Football going into OT. Move it back to Tuesday night and move BULL to this time slot.
10/02/16 at 05:05pm

I am not a real fan of this show. I only like a few of the characters and that's about it
David G
11/07/15 at 06:08am

Show is ok but might be better if they did not play that weird background music. Someone must think that somehow makes the show better. Reminds me of Numbers. They did the same thing.
09/21/15 at 12:02pm

Sorry I was thinking of New Orleans.
09/21/15 at 06:46am

Actually it premieres tonight (Monday) in North America.
09/21/15 at 06:24am

This premieres on Tuesday, not Monday.

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