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Swamp Loggers

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Network: Discovery

A reality series following a logging crew in North Carolina.

In Swamp Loggers, cameras follow the crew of Goodson's All Terrain Logging in North Carolina, where they log its swamps and deal with hazards such as bad weather and equipment failures.

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Comments (6)

Posted 09/23/14 at 22:11:38

I can,t believe swamp loggers was cancelled it was a great show what is going on at discovery channel
James Jones
Posted 01/28/14 at 22:48:10

It was my favorite show I hope that they would bring it back I liked the Goodsons great logging show
Posted 01/25/14 at 17:31:17

Great show; interesting & educational. Should have never been cancelled.
Posted 08/21/13 at 13:12:32

loved that show those guy and ladies didn't use bad words every other word like Axe men I guess that's why the got axed
I have meet all of the in NC and they are fine people
Bubba Joe
Posted 05/11/13 at 03:24:14

I enjoyed the show as well, but I've heard its been canned!!
Posted 02/23/13 at 18:50:12

I really liked this show; a different kind of loggers in eastern U.S.

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