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The Cleveland Show

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Network: Fox

A spin-off from the hit series Family Guy featuring Cleveland Brown, one of the neighbors from the aforementioned series.

The show is the latest animated creation from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

Many years ago, Cleveland made a promise to his old high school sweetheart, Donna. Cleveland, along with his son Cleveland Junior, move from Quohog to Stoolbend, VA to start a new life with Donna and her two children.

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Aaron Carber
Posted 04/10/17 at 10:22:51

kevin rowe
Posted 10/01/14 at 16:23:21

BRING IT BACK!!! The funniest cartoon on TV. American Dad moves to TBS but we are deprived of this great show. What is wrong with people.
Posted 09/13/14 at 13:11:20

I liked the Cleveland show, thankfully these characters were moved onto family guy. but i certainly would not say it was funnier than family guy, or that the Simpsons, American dad, or family guy should be cancelled instead. HOWEVER, BOBS BURGERS NEEDS TO GO! BOBS BURGERS IS NOT FUNNY AND IT JUST PLAIN SUCKS!
Posted 04/22/14 at 13:54:42

I loved the cleveland show. I found it to be funnier than family guy. The characters grew on me. At least the family will be in family guy.
Lyndon Ladonna voss
Posted 04/21/14 at 17:30:38

Cancel American dad or Bob's burgers or the Simpson they all three suck the Cleveland show was not as bad as those three the Cleveland show was awesome
Posted 12/23/13 at 16:41:14

Cancel Bob's burgers, now. Bring back the Cleveland show!
Posted 11/15/13 at 08:23:42

Tyron Wright Honor Student!
Posted 10/11/13 at 23:26:09

Hmmm I'm going to, have to agree with Shawn. He's completely right about American Dad being funnier than Family guy (no doubt about that.) But not only that, but the character's in American Dad look more vivid, also the main characters such as :Roger, Steve, Francine, and Hayley are included way more in the show than almost all the characters in Family guy. Family Guy also always has to use inappropriate jokes to get a laugh out of the viewers. Now don't get me wrong all the comedy shows on adult swim are supposed to be inappropriate, but Family Guy just stouts so low that they have to constantly over kill inappropriate jokes. American dad can go any way, whether it's inappropriate jokes or G rated jokes, but hey I'm just here to 1:defend Shawn 2:back him up/support him, and state the true facts. thank you everybody and have wonderful lives.
Posted 10/10/13 at 22:15:47

I actually liked this show. It was was great on the Seth McFarland crazy scale, that being from insane to tame: American dad, family guy, THE CLEVELAND SHOW and fairly odd parents lol
Posted 10/02/13 at 14:27:50

I completely disagree about American Dad Fkreutz. The first season yes, but since then it has managed to spawn its own identity. The series in fact in my opinion is even funnier then Family Guy.
The Cleveland Show was just an atrocity. It tried to hard to be Family Guy that it ended up failing miserably. Cleveland wasn't even a good character to give a spin-off too and the voice actors for the series were all horrible.

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Mike Henry (Cleveland)
Sanaa Lathan (Donna)
Reagan Gomez-Preston (Roberta)
Kevin Michael Richardson (Lester)
Jason Sudeikis (Holt)
Seth MacFarlane (Various)