The Good Wife

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Sep 22, 2009 - May 08, 2016




Drama / Legal


Alicia - Julianna MarguliesDiane - Christine BaranskiWill - Josh CharlesCary - Matt CzuchryKalinda - Archie PanjabiPeter - Chris Noth

A drama following the wife of a fallen-from-grace politician who revives her career as a defense attorney.

Alicia Florrick is the wife of a well known State Attorney. When her husband is jailed on charges of political corruption, Alicia decides to return to work as a Defense Lawyer.

Now, after spending a number of years as the good wife, Alicia finds herself starting over at the bottom of the career ladder, all while attempting to juggle her home and work life with the ongoing scandal surrounding her husband.

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Frank Ramirez
10/04/13 at 03:08pm

Pauline Love
03/30/13 at 02:54am

Thank goodness Kalinda's husband (hopefully) is OUT of the show, I have never liked this guy and just couldn't bear the threat he made to her and Alicia.
Mimi Nantz
03/07/13 at 07:38pm

Very possibly the BEST show on network tv. Excellent writing, character development & really great plot twists!! KUDOS to CBS!!
03/02/13 at 02:34pm

if the "Good Wife" is so good, why does nobody watch it? People are too stupid to watch anything (ie. Kardashians, American Idol). Stick a fork in GW, it's done
10/15/12 at 09:55pm

Fantastic show. Great to see Juliana Margulies in a role I like just as much as the role she played in ER! She is a fantastic actress, as are the rest of the cast.

Admittedly, Kalinda's shenanigans are getting a little ridiculous this season, lol
10/07/12 at 06:39pm

I agree with Michael....I have been watching this show for about 2 years now I hate the fact it's on Sundays too I had to start to DVR the show for 2 hours after the show is scheduled to stop just so I don't miss the ending and never know what time it will actually jbegin ...come on CBS this show is worth a better time slot and we deserve better too!!!
07/12/12 at 04:37pm

Great show !!!
06/11/12 at 01:16pm

This really is a good show!!! Love it!
Andy J
05/16/12 at 01:51pm

Easily the best show on television today. Completely captures the dynamics of greed, ego and hypocrisy within a law firm and the legal system in general. Fabulous characters, writing and acting. It doesn't matter if it was on at 3AM on Monday morning, I would still watch it!
Michael M.
04/26/12 at 07:21am

Probably among the top 3 programs on network TV because of terrific writing, acting and character development. CBS's decision to move it to Sundays most likely meant a hit in the ratings - come on networks, you can't program EVERYTHING on Sunday nights. Also, the delays in start times due to the Amazing Race are annoying. If you're a "Race" fan, I suppose it doesn't matter, but if not, you're going to miss 1/2 of the show on the days that "Race" runs overtime. If you haven't seen "Good Wife" yet, tune in if only to see what it does nothing to dispel the popular belief that "there are no lawyers in heaven".

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