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Network: TLC

A reality series following the controversial world of child beauty pageants.

The show takes a close look at the pageant contestants and their families, as the children prepare for their pageant shows.

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Mary Margaret
Posted 04/07/14 at 12:43:53

Honestly I love the show Toddlers and Tiaras, but you really shouldn't put kids through pageants because all it does is teaches them that if they don't win every time, then they aren't good enough. The show was hilarious, but why would you put your kid under so much preasure to win a pretty prize? Pageants
Karl Barnes
Posted 05/12/13 at 02:32:34

REALLY???????????????????? why would you put your daughter through that mental pain and warp their brain into thinking that being a beautiful person means you have to look better. That's crap. If you put them in you are a bad parent.
Posted 11/21/12 at 17:45:14

I'm a sophomore in high school, and I was a child beauty pageant contestant from the time I was 6 months to the age of six years old. Now not to be conceited, but I was very good at it, and I won multiple times, but I enjoyed doing it and acted appropriately to my elders because that's how my mother raised me. Likewise with the other girls that competed with me. One who is also a best friend of mine, and her mother is my mom's best friend. Her mother said that back when we competed that none of the girls acted like the intolerable little demon spawn that they do in this show. I swear some of these girls could kill someone and their mothers would STILL pretend that their daughters are complete little angels. Honestly? All of these little girls are a bunch of little bitches. I'm not saying beat the crap out of your children when they act up, not at all, but learn how to discipline your kids. Seriously? "Honey Boo" 's mother is an god dang blooming idiot who deserves to be put in the looney bin for airing how terrible her child acts daily. She can claim that she takes care of her daughter's disrespectful attitude, but when her daughters a booty call for a druggie, addicted to crack, getting drunk every weekend, has a 1.2 GPA, multiple abortions, and keeps getting knocked up, MAYBE then she'll learn her little biatch of a daughter doesn't deserve a show for being a spoiled little brat.
Posted 08/12/12 at 15:16:18

I'll admit I have never watched this show; because there is no way I'll stoop to the level of exploiting children as beauty pageant contestants. I was flipping through channels and ran across "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" which I understand is a spin-off from this show; after 5 minutes, I very nearly had to throw up. All the show did was make fun of all the "fat" people in Honey's family and discuss how farting made them lose weight. Seriously? This is what America wants to watch on TV? I'm ashamed and disgusted.

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