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United States of Tara

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A comedy following a mother coping with dissociative identity disorder.

Tara Gregson is a wife and a mother of two kids dealing with issues of her own. She has been diagnosed with an illness called Dissociative Identity Disorder, meaning she can transition into a multitude of different personalities.

She can be a carefree, flirtatious teenager, a beer-drinking war veteran, or a housewife straight out of the 1950's. Her life may be challenging, but Tara is determined to find out what caused the condition she lives with every day of her life.

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Posted 01/24/15 at 16:08:49

Bring it back! Such a great show. Unique too.
Posted 09/13/14 at 14:34:37

I miss this show, it was great, and real funny. "I know we'll be just fine, when we learn to love the ride" Bring back U.S.of Tara please?
Posted 03/16/13 at 20:28:02

I miss this show so much! So fantastic. They really do cancel the good ones, and I think it's because of the lack of intelligence and the ignorance in the world. People would rather watch crap like Honey Boo Boo that infects us with the low IQ's of others. (Nothing against people of lesser intelligence, but seriously, why does it have to be plastered all over tv?) When a show like UST comes on, it's beyond most of those people's understandings. HOWEVER, if they'd LEAVE them on, and cancel the other crap, maybe we wouldn't BE as dumb. Not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg.
Posted 02/19/13 at 21:50:37

Posted 10/15/12 at 18:26:54

Great show..I canceled my premium channels after they dumped this show and others..!!
Posted 05/14/12 at 13:18:19

Loved this show! Showtime screws up again!
Posted 02/20/12 at 20:50:59

Great show, too bad to its going away.
Posted 01/29/12 at 16:21:21

All the junk on these days, finally a great show comes along!! I will be canceling Showtime, This show was the only reason I paid for it..
Posted 01/09/12 at 04:09:31

This show was to smart for the general public. Great show!!
Miss D
Posted 12/27/11 at 14:05:44

WHAT? WHY? And no proper series finale?!
I LOVED this show! Toni Colette is amazing as Tara! I couldn't wait to see how it turned out because she agreed to be hospitalized again right? I was hoping to see how it turned out for Marshall because if I remember correctly he reached his breaking point(the real last straw this time) with Tara.

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Genre: Comedy

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Toni Collette (Tara)
John Corbett (Max)
Brie Larson (Kate)
Keir Gilchrist (Marshall)
Rosemarie DeWitt (Charmaine)