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Warehouse 13

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Network: Syfy

A sci-fi dramedy following Secret Service agents working at a secret warehouse containing supernatural objects.

Peter and Myka are US Secret Service agents working at Warehouse 13, a top-secret government facility that houses empowered and potentially dangerous objects.

Together, their job is to retrieve missing objects and investigate reports of new ones.

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Posted 04/09/14 at 18:04:25

I have been upset with SyFy since they cancelled Farscape. This is just the latest outrage they have committed. Clearly they care not one iota for their fans. Because I love Warehouse 13, I am going to watch the final episodes and not watch SyFy again. I think if most of us did that the jerks who run the network might get a clue.
Posted 03/16/14 at 15:25:39

is it me or has SyFy been canceling all the good shows within 5 seasons or something First Eureka, Now warehouse 13 and Being Human whats wrong with you SyFy commit to the shows you gave us and got us addicted 2 we love these shows and you cancel them. Fine Bring back Firefly and we can call it even
Posted 03/02/14 at 18:12:15

Anotha Great Show !! And syfy is gonna cancel it :(.. Shame on you just like canceling Eureka, Torchwood and Sanctuary.. They were all GREAT Shows so disappointed that they re all gone :(
Posted 03/02/14 at 12:01:46

Seriously I don't know why I even bother watching any Syfy shows....You get me sucked in and then it gets cancelled... :( Please keep W13 on!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 02/02/14 at 06:27:43

It seems to me that the SyFy channel has a policy of not running series longer than 5 seasons. Many shows I have watched on that network have been cancelled after 5... If they make it that far. I would very surprised to see any series goes beyond 5 I would be very surprised...
D of Texas
Posted 01/17/14 at 12:02:41

please keep Warehouse 13 on!!!!!! Please
Lori and Lance
Posted 12/07/13 at 18:02:21

UNBELIEVEABLE!!! You kill off Eureka and now W13! Helloooo....anyone up in that ivory tower working on all cylinders!!! Do you realize that there are actually intelligent people out here that enjoy W13 and can't stand the so called "Reality" shows plaguing the networks. Continue W13 beyond season 5!!!!
Posted 09/06/13 at 20:14:11

Al Brashear
Posted 08/12/13 at 17:11:07

EVERYtime Sci Fi has a hit they KILL it! W13 is one of my two remaining enjoyable shows on TV. If they kill it, I wont be back to Scifi. Al
Posted 07/07/13 at 03:12:47

To cancel a show with declinig ratings/viewers is a normal process, but with Warehouse 13 it should not go this way and not that fast, despite or because the actual main character has the same name as the founder of the evaluation model, which now kills the show.
Warehouse 13 has humor, style, good and likeable actors, interesting stories and locations, and is sometimes thrilling. There are good actors, nice scripts, fine guest stars, interesting and far-fetched stories and premises, mostly well, when not, from time to time, brilliantly executed.
Furthermore, it's potential is far not exhausted by now.
There could be a lot more stories and artefacts, a lot more problems to solve, for at least two or three further seasons.
People of all ages do like W13 for one of the characteristics mentioned above.
And maybe somes kid are motivated to find out the truth about historic events and persons occuring in the show, like the Count of Saint Germain (superbly depicted by James Marsters), or now Paracelsus, who was of course not a rude alchemist but an ambitious medical doctor (Agrippa von Nettesheim would have been better as he was more an experimenting alchemist than Paracelsus).
Why the ratings really declined has to be analyzed and then there have to be taken the proper measures to correct, which I would locate in better storytelling/scriptwriting/evolving the charcters and so on.
To throw away a gem is of no good for the thrower. And W13 is a rare gem of a show that is simply engoying the audience., especially when it shines, which occurs not so seldom.
What I mainly hate about this decision is that there seems to be no way to continue the show on another channel. They cannot go for a Warehouse 13.1 or 14 (which should be then located in China ? sorry for the little joke) say, on NBC or Fox, if Syfy won't let them, and they won't for sure.
I think there should be a huge outburst of resistance against the cancellation of W13. Only this could make the Channel rethink and renew. Please, people, do something about !
(and please excuse my bad English)
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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Eddie McClintock (Peter)
Joanne Kelly (Myka)
Saul Rubinek (Artie)
Genelle Williams (Leena)
Simon Reynolds (Daniel)
Allison Scagliotti (Claudia)