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18 to Life

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Network: CBC

A Canadian comedy series about a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

Tom and Jessie are 18-year-old next-door neighbors who have grown up together. One day they decide to run off and get married, and leave their families to become one.

The series explores intimate relationships in combustible combinations as husband-wife, mom-dad, and in-laws all struggle to influence the newlyweds and control the extended family’s destiny.

Tom and Jessie move into his parents’ attic and their marriage becomes public property, creating an endless string of challenges for the couple. As this new love blooms audaciously amidst the two settled marriages, it stirs up new frictions and old passions in both sets of parents.

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Posted 09/15/14 at 03:33:31

Why is it that people who can't spell like series that I don't like?.. Alas, I still like CBC.
Posted 09/20/12 at 10:43:12

Both me and my wife love this show this really sucks everytime we find a show to watch and love together this **** happens bring this **** back your right mtv or abc would be a great place for a show like this
Bilal Ahmed
Posted 05/23/12 at 01:03:56

This was a good show. Unfortunely, the critics are quick to cancel shows, that's its not even worth even starting shows anymore.
As the story devlops, the show gets cancelled.
tara myers
Posted 04/15/12 at 19:21:21

i want this back):):): i have weatched the 2 seasons 4 times already and got my boyfriend to watch it and my friends and my mom i want it back!
tara myers
Posted 03/28/12 at 13:08:44

i think this show would be a very popular show if they put it on abc family or mtv. i lvoe this show and i bet a lot more people would also if you made it more out there
Posted 09/07/11 at 23:14:35

my brothers and i loved this show it was so cute and gave; me at least; hope that love does exist. please bring it back!

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Genre: Comedy

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Stacey Farber (Jessie)
Michael Seater (Tom)