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American Pickers

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A reality series following two antique buyers looking for finds across the country.

Cameras follow collectible and antique pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they search across the country for desirable items for clients, for resale, or for their personal collections.

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Robert A. Sanguinito
Posted 04/11/17 at 01:07:09

I feel the show denotes what is best in America, our history in the products they find and the great people the introduce to us. it is not only the things they find but the story behind them. I will miss this show when it ends.
Posted 03/16/17 at 10:17:51

I use to love that show.Then i keep noticing the bullshit.On one and more of there shows i seen them talk this old lady down and down you could tell she didn't have a hole lot but these assholes were so worried about that God almighty 5.00 dollars she could of used it.when you first started you said half was a good profit have seen you go way above that in damn near every assholes are worth millions and worried to death about five damn dollars.....suck a big one.
Gayle Jackson
Posted 02/19/17 at 13:58:22

Had a senior moment I ment the Nashville store. Sorry. Still want to keep seeing the show .Thank you gayle
Gayle Jackson
Posted 02/19/17 at 13:05:12

Please leave this show on the air. It is my favorite show of all time. I am an antique nut. I learn so much from Mike. Also I need to visit his shop in Memphis co I have somethings I need to know about.. please,please renew. Thank you Gayle. I live in a great town,Dahlonega,Ga. Come see us again.
Edward Rahn
Posted 05/01/16 at 14:37:26

Love the show! There saving our past..

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