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Auction Hunters

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Network: Spike

A reality series following two auction hunters in seek of hidden treasures to sell for profit.

Every day there are over 10,000 abandoned storage units in the US that are put up for public auction. Within each unit could be a goldmine or a whole lot of nothing - and that's what Clinton and Allen are out to discover in this series where the two are on a quest to win auctions, acquire treasure, and sell it for a profit.

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Teddy Wilhite
Posted 06/21/14 at 19:47:04

I like auction hunter. I never miss it. I hope to see more episodes. Go Allen & Ton. Get them bids.
Posted 04/25/14 at 09:19:30

I love this show...I live in Prague, CZ...and there is a big following here!
Posted 11/21/13 at 07:30:44

Please bring it back love.them a lot one of the good guys want them back!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 11/20/13 at 18:40:09

legal issues between alan and ton otherwise the show is pretty much cancelled because of it
Posted 10/19/13 at 11:12:04

I just love the networks anymore just let you hang forever to see if their going to bring a show back of not. The following is there, just do it!
Mary Harvard
Posted 10/02/13 at 18:41:26

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't cancel my show! A little conflict is good to re-establish a good thing and make it great! We want them back! Come on you guys bring Auction Hunters back for real. Oh yeah I'm 66 years old and it's one of my favorite shows. Thanks!
Posted 09/04/13 at 16:19:38

Those guys hate each other. I watched a filming in Philly and not only do they hate each other but Ton was a complete ass to one of the "extras"!
Posted 08/30/13 at 13:46:42

bring back auction hunters or find similar shows
samuel dickson
Posted 08/14/13 at 22:14:16

alan and ton will they come back on tv i miss them on tv as i hope they get back soon
Posted 08/02/13 at 01:44:32

I have a source close to Ton and Allen that have said that there are 13 episodes that will air later this year. And that Yes Ton and Allen are currently buying storage units together. Hope this helps you all out
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