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Better with You

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Network: ABC

A comedy following two couples who have different outlooks on love.

Maddie and Ben have been dating for nine years, happy living together without the need to get married. Maddie is surprised to find out that her younger sister, Mia, is pregnant and planning to marry the man she has only known for a few weeks.

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Posted 06/11/12 at 19:56:14

Guess 2nd time wasn't a charm for the two main characters (jennifer finnigan & josh cooke) who where in a show called committed (2005). it was quirky, but i loved it. "Better with you", may have been the same characters years later?? loved this show to. hate it when you get hooked on a show and they pull the rug out without so much as a dvd release. i know you know!
Steph Beaulne
Posted 05/15/12 at 13:10:13

I loved this show and was looking forward to the second season. Was really disappointed when I saw that it had been cancelled.
Posted 04/14/12 at 04:34:21

What?! This show was hilarious! The opening sequence alone was worth the watch.
Posted 12/22/11 at 07:49:57

Sorry but I could not stand this show
Posted 11/03/11 at 14:02:24

outrageous ! Its a great shame !
Posted 10/20/11 at 13:02:15

Infuriating! It was the best show on TV.
Posted 09/07/11 at 23:08:47

i was looking so forward to season two and seeing what happened
Posted 09/07/11 at 13:12:17

No way!! This show was very interesting.

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Genre: Comedy

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Joanna Garcia (Mia)
Jennifer Finnigan (Maddie)
Josh Cooke (Ben)
Jake Lacy (Casey)
Kurt Fuller (Joel)
Debra Jo Rupp (Vicky)