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Boardwalk Empire

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Network: HBO

A drama set in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the dawn of the Prohibition era.

It's 1920 in America. The Great War is over and it is the dawn of Prohibition, where the sale of alcohol is illegal and everything is for sale.

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michael dobey
Posted 06/01/17 at 11:35:45

nucky thompson was not killed. he lived a long life. In fact his nephew jimmy was not killed either and helped nucky till the end of prohibition. This gangster lived a good life till his end. However In spite of those changes in the story the show was great.
Posted 09/13/14 at 08:31:12

great show, too bad its the last season. well with the ending of true blood, now the ONLY show I like on HBO will be Game of Thrones, they best not stop that show or there will be no good ones left.
Mr. X
Posted 11/25/13 at 20:01:43

The Show started off very slow (aside from the great 1st episode) and a lot of people gave up, but I found it to be a good show, and its gotten better and better. Hopefully it doesn't get cancelled and finished off the story unrushed. Probably would need 2-4 more seasons (6-8 in total). Theres still a lot of Capone's story left...
Posted 09/14/13 at 06:22:44

I love this show glad it got renewed
Posted 08/20/13 at 22:09:57

Yea I'd say Ted is an idiot lol. How's Obama doin for ya Ted? Lol
Posted 05/02/13 at 09:54:50

This show is great! Excited for the new season!
Boardwalk Empire is an excellent show that has a great plot line that keeps people intrigued. The people that find this show boring have obviously never watched a TV show where there is more than just mindless murdering and sex scenes repeating for many seasons. Hope this show never gets cancelled.
Posted 03/28/13 at 19:19:05

great show
glad its getting another season
Posted 01/26/13 at 01:22:18

Are u mad ted this show is brilliant
Posted 01/04/13 at 01:55:23

you obviously have poor taste in tv shows and your opinion is worthless
Posted 01/01/13 at 12:26:41

this as got to be one of the most boring shows on TV how it gets renewed while good shows get cancelled beggars belief

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Genre: Drama

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Steve Buscemi (Nucky)
Michael Pitt (Jimmy)
Kelly Macdonald (Margaret)
Michael Shannon (Nelson)
Shea Whigham (Eli)
Aleksa Palladino (Angela)
Michael Stuhlbarg (Arnold)
Stephen Graham (Al)
Vincent Piazza (Lucky)
Paz de la Huerta (Lucy)
Michael Kenneth Williams (Chalky)
Anthony Laciura (Eddie)
Paul Sparks (Mickey Doyle)
Dabney Coleman (Louis)