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Network: NBC

An action drama focusing on a U.S. Marshals fugitive-apprehension team.

Annie Frost is a U.S. Marshal deputy. On a daily basis she's on the road tracking down dangerous criminals in Texas as part of a high priority fugitive-apprehension team.

It's a constant game of cat and mouse as Annie and her team stop at nothing to bring some of America's most wanted to justice.

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Posted 10/21/12 at 14:20:46

It was a great show!
Posted 10/18/12 at 08:36:17

Agree with Doreen - reality and dance shows are prevelant. Some are good but for the most part, awful. Bridezilla??? Come on! Networks cater to the idiot part of the public's brain more often than needed and it seems these programs work. (Tell you something?) Good show, expect it to be cancelled.
Posted 06/25/12 at 07:57:56

Couldn't agree more with the comments, yet another great show cancelled. Bet your bottom $ the networks don't give a **** about ratings outside of the US!
Posted 05/16/12 at 20:56:44

I love this show, it didn't even get to start a whole base and I loved her accent.
Posted 05/14/12 at 11:48:12

Why is it that just when a good show starts it gets cancelled while ridiculous reality and dance shows stay on.
Posted 04/23/12 at 18:10:26

:( so sad i loved that show.
Posted 03/12/12 at 16:56:44

Another great show cancelled what are you guys doing?
Posted 11/28/11 at 12:25:53

Chase was starting to get really good :(
Posted 10/15/11 at 18:35:26

What a great show! So original! Amazing cast and crew! The storylines were wonderful; well blended and perfect from start to finish each night! I totally agree with everyone below me but NBC didn't really cancelled the show. It was the cost and production problems in TX where they were filmed that shut them down. However NBC should've supported the show; it would stay on for a few years! I'm hoping this will come out on DVD because I will waych it over and over again!
Jim Lepping
Posted 10/06/11 at 22:09:23

Everytime NBC puts something on that I like, it gets cancealed. CHASE was an extremely well put together series. The plots made sense and all of the actors performed exceptionally well together. CHASE did not get a fair trail in my opinion. CHASE will be missed.

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Kelli Giddish (Annie)
Cole Hauser (Jimmy)
Amaury Nolasco (Marco)
Rose Rollins (Daisy)
Jesse Metcalfe (Luke)