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Childrens Hospital

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Network: AdultSwim

A satirical comedy that mocks TV medical dramas.

Childrens Hospital began as a web series on, later moving to Adult Swim, who picked up the show's rights in 2009.

The comedy series, which pokes fun at other shows in the medical drama genre, follows staff at a hospital for children named, aptly, Childrens Hospital.

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Posted 08/12/14 at 03:55:44

Funniest show on TV. I'm tired of sucky sitcoms like Butt Bang Theory.
Dave Campbell
Posted 05/15/12 at 21:38:17

crazy crazy show....funny, but dark.........

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Genre: Comedy / Medical

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Rob Corddry (Blake)
Lake Bell (Cat)
Ken Marino (Glenn)
Rob Huebel (Owen)
Megan Mullally (The Chief)
Erinn Hayes (Lola)
Malin Akerman (Valerie)
Henry Winkler (Sy)