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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

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Network: Syfy

A reality series following a team of paranormal investigators.

In Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, a team of investigators review evidence, in the form of photographs and Internet videos, searching for paranormal activity.

The team is headed by Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent who has a life-long fascination with the paranormal. He leads a team of young investigators who help him decide whether what they're looking at merits deeper investigation.

Together they conduct elaborate experiments as they attempt to recreate the phenomena. They also talk to witnesses and collect physical samples as they work to uncover the mysteries.

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Frank Klepeiss
Posted 02/07/15 at 06:05:59

It would have been interesting to see them do an episode on the Yellowstone bigfoot sighting that is now viral on the internet with the sightings of 4 bigfoot moving on a small herd of bison .
rodney shackleford
Posted 01/07/15 at 07:47:29

i wish they would bring it back on, i was watching another show called monsters and mysteries in america and they had a story about zombie soldiers in brownsville, TX. and would love for them to check it out to see if it's true. i love that show.
Posted 10/14/14 at 09:41:04

why did they get rid of FACT OR FAKED PARANORMAL FILES Beside they mentioned me on the show, they also showed my video on there the screen i didn't speak out on time
Posted 08/26/14 at 07:42:44

Does anyone know why it stopped airing new episodes.
Posted 06/13/14 at 18:09:43

I don't watch syfy now because all my favorites are gone. Bring back fact or fake, destination truth, pananormal witness etc etc etc. At least they were interesting, even if we didn't get the real truth.
Posted 04/17/14 at 10:21:50

Guess the show was cancelled. Too bad, really enjoyed the show. Was it really cancelled because of Area 51? What happened?
Posted 03/30/14 at 00:28:32

I love the show but sadly it has been stopped by government officials due to the episode about area51.
Posted 02/05/14 at 11:48:51

- the show hasn't been on in ages and is probably gone
- what annoyed me a lot were the times that not everyone got to present a video to possibly investigate
- Jael's just a woman, not 'hot' (which is a lame term)
- those "3...2...1..." countdowns were longer than three seconds
- they needed to focus more on single cases for an hour
- it was an okay show, but I can't say I miss it
Posted 11/19/13 at 21:35:22

Great show ...hope it returns ,very interesting episodes and intelligent recreations.
Posted 11/19/13 at 21:32:42

Great show...hope it returns.
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