Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

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Jul 15, 2010 - Jun 26, 2012






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A reality series following a team of paranormal investigators.

In Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, a team of investigators review evidence, in the form of photographs and Internet videos, searching for paranormal activity.

The team is headed by Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent who has a life-long fascination with the paranormal. He leads a team of young investigators who help him decide whether what they're looking at merits deeper investigation.

Together they conduct elaborate experiments as they attempt to recreate the phenomena. They also talk to witnesses and collect physical samples as they work to uncover the mysteries.

Comments (76)

Tarra sams
11/06/17 at 03:47pm

I love this show please bring it back
A. Sala
11/01/17 at 07:16pm

Syfy, whats going on!. This was a great show. Bring it back.
06/08/17 at 06:54am

This show was so great!! It was always interesting and fun...BRING IT BACK
Adam Lomax
03/29/17 at 07:56am

It was one of my favorite shows.Bring it back .
Jose G
03/28/17 at 09:17am

Love this show. Please bring it back....
Diana Chaffins
03/26/17 at 11:05am

Bring back this show.
03/17/17 at 06:20am

this show is a extreme waste time for producers and viewers. I never seen anything so stupid.
03/02/17 at 07:34am

Enjoyed the show. Bring it back-today!
02/04/17 at 10:37am

The show doesn't say an event is faked, just showed how easy it is to fake an event with today's technology and photo shop...
01/07/17 at 06:55pm

I really love fact or faked paranormal files!! Such an awesome and entertaining show, please please bring it back!!!!

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