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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

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Network: Syfy

A reality series following a team of paranormal investigators.

In Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, a team of investigators review evidence, in the form of photographs and Internet videos, searching for paranormal activity.

The team is headed by Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent who has a life-long fascination with the paranormal. He leads a team of young investigators who help him decide whether what they're looking at merits deeper investigation.

Together they conduct elaborate experiments as they attempt to recreate the phenomena. They also talk to witnesses and collect physical samples as they work to uncover the mysteries.

Comments (55)

Posted 04/24/16 at 20:18:11

Posted 04/21/16 at 19:04:43

I love the show very much. Will you please bring it back on television with new season and episodes.
Posted 04/01/16 at 21:13:40

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back fact or faked paranormal files. It was one of the best shows on tv. I have been watching the reruns (even though they say new). Love love love this show
Posted 03/31/16 at 18:51:58

if you guys do not belive in the strange and unkown that's youe business because skeptics don't even belive in god and its really sad for people to think that no one created life the universe and heaven but that is the way some of you white people are if you don't see it'' it never happened or the strange creatures don't exist you people are lost in hell.
Deborah Ladd
Posted 03/22/16 at 13:38:33

This was one of the BEST paranormal shows! They did an excellent job to try to debunk the subjects they were looking into. It was always so interesting. I am so disappointed they canceled this show, please consider bring this back. I've watched the re- run as much as 3 times! I think you had the perfect cast as well, they all are very intelligent and contribute a lot to the team.
Posted 03/22/16 at 09:55:51

They should bring back the show. I agree with everyone else, why are all the good shows cancelled
Joyce Van Zile
Posted 03/22/16 at 07:51:42

I love this show, right now I'm watching reruns, this show needs to be brought back. I totally agree with all the ppl above, bring back Fact or Faked.
Posted 03/10/16 at 15:12:36

Watching programs on Destination America and it says new episodes of Fact or Faked tonight but, all I see are repeats. I love this show,this show and Destination Truth need to come back with all the same cast! Why do all the best programs get cancelled? Ask the public what they want to watch not some ditz in an office somewhere!
Posted 03/06/16 at 14:34:17

Posted 02/25/16 at 23:54:10

Love fact or faked. But a bit confused and sad that Syfy claims New episodes are on tonight 2/25/2016. DVR it and now that I am watching it's not new. But it states it all over at bottom and on this episode in several places. Did I DVR the wrong one is this a lie there's no new ones.?? I REALLY was wanting new Seasons.!!

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Genre: Reality

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