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Lone Star

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Network: Fox

A drama about a con man leading two lives.

Robert Allen is a Texas con man who leads a secret double life. Going by "Bob," he has a wife and lives in Houston while working for his oil-tycoon father-in-law. Four hundred miles away, he is known as "Robert" in his other life with girlfriend Lindsey.

As he plots to take control of the oil business and finds himself torn between the love of the two women in his life, he must fight to keep his web of lies from falling apart.

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Posted 05/13/12 at 20:17:38

I really liked this show, too. still bummed it never resurfaced.
Posted 02/15/12 at 17:25:25

I am sad that no one gave this show a chance. It was fun!

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Genre: Drama

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James Wolk (Robert)
Adrianne Palicki (Cat)
Eloise Mumford (Lindsay)
David Keith (John)
Bryce Johnson (Drew)
Mark Deklin (Trammell)
Alexandra Doke (Grace)
Jon Voight (Clint)