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Meteorite Men

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A documentary reality series showcasing how meteorites have impacted the Earth's surface.

Steve Arnold and Geoffrey Notkin are the Meteorite Men. Follow them as they visit areas around the world where meteorites have impacted the surface of the Earth.

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Posted 07/18/15 at 10:51:04

Azzhole networks, why cancel shows like this that is informative and fun to watch for all ages! Although i live in Phoenix Az the home state of the relocated Brit Geoffrey and ASU where they went to with most of their finds. I think these guys are fun and entertaining, ones an American the other a Brit, different styles of detecting, one is a planner the other is laid back, the other methodical the other jump and run, one holds his finds for collection and the other more apt to sell, they both love the hunt and their excitement is infectious. Awesome multi-purpose wide tired motorcycle with side car from OCC (American Copper)and delivered by Paul Sr. These guys taught us his to recognize these space rocks and since this show i find myself always looking when out in the desert. Schit i wanna find a big astro rock just so i can contact Geof. Hey Mr. Network why'd you cancel, why not give a few final episodes because maybe these guys were saving their best spots for later seasons but with a few final episodes they might have something that may open your eyes and restore your sight, and why don't you let the viewing audience and fans of this show know of shows finale. Network Azzhole s are like the blackholes in space all they do is suck you in and eliminates life
Joan Camacho
Posted 02/25/15 at 18:22:17

I loved the show and found it very educational. I am a grandmother and learned things that I was never taught in school. I am very sorry it is not on anymore.
Posted 11/14/14 at 16:48:54

Easy to see why this was cancelled. Lack of content. Anybody other than me notice on how the size of what they were finding was sliding down to 10grams or sometimes none?
They were quite literally out of strewn fields that had any meteorites left to snatch.
Jim Barnfield
Posted 11/10/14 at 10:04:23

It's hard to believe any network would cancel a show like metorite men which had adventure, disappointment, extreme exaltation of discovery, and hard core science of our universe in the form of meteorites. They squandered their promotional money on worst than worthless shows like idiot abroad but nothing, that I saw, on MM. If more people would have discovered the show, it could have been one of the more successful science shows.
john buck
Posted 08/31/14 at 19:36:20

I n this day and age of people looking for outdoor adventures this show was a blessing for those.Bring it back.
john buck
Posted 08/31/14 at 19:32:45

I still can't believe that the most intertaining and adventurous show on t.v period is gone,it felt like i was with a couple of buddies out in the field.Maybe another network will pick them up as anyone who watched it loved it,they just didn't promote it well,too bad.
Posted 08/07/14 at 20:50:18

I saw Jeff on a shipping show .He's running a space museum of some kind .
Posted 05/20/14 at 10:30:17

Probally the best and only science channel series i watched..What morons for throwing this wonderful pallasite in the trash.
Posted 05/16/14 at 18:34:02

I agree. I am tired of junk science. Why wasn't it renewed? Does anyone know?
Posted 02/11/14 at 16:23:24

Have just watched Meteorite Men for the first time and found it interesting, fascinating and highly entertaining. I then looked to see if I could link the show for future viewings and discovered it had been discontinued. I am genuinely disappointed. I would very much like to watch the series from start to finish. It's one of the best presented science shows I have yet come accross. Please run the series again so I can learn more about meteorite hunting.

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