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Jan 20, 2010 - Jan 23, 2012






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A documentary reality series showcasing how meteorites have impacted the Earth's surface.

Steve Arnold and Geoffrey Notkin are the Meteorite Men. Follow them as they visit areas around the world where meteorites have impacted the surface of the Earth.

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kathy szczytko
08/31/13 at 10:42am

Please, we have been WAITING for new episodes of Meteorite Men. Yesterday is not soon enough to have Jeff and Steve back with more Meteorite hunting.
08/25/13 at 01:31pm

This is just another example of a network doing away with a great show without input from the public that watches these shows. Instead they leave on shoes such as an idiot abroad. Nice work to make America look even dumber.
Linda Fedak
07/10/13 at 09:10pm

Hope this show comes back! So many people enjoyed it and it was one of the few educational shows on TV! Discovery either needs to make a new deal or another channel needs to pick it up!
04/02/13 at 01:11pm

New shows....need new shows (in zombie voice)....must have new shows.....mmmmmmm.....shows.
03/21/13 at 00:59am

These two guys have made me fascinated with meteorite
hunting. What an intelligent and human series. The locations are a delight in themselves. BRING THEM BACK
02/28/13 at 07:11pm

Found the show very interesting on several levels: science, private enterprise,exploring and travel. I will miss their positive atitude, knowledge, enthusiasm and intiative. Few people in a technological endeavor get the chance (on TV) that they did, what a wonderful ride it was.
02/17/13 at 10:00pm

I know everyone making comments are upset about this show being cancelled. I love this show as well. It's been a huge stress reliever in my life. However, it is not showing as cancelled. Says 2010 to present. I think something is being worked on. There has not been any news on this show since the end of season 3. I'm holding out hope
02/17/13 at 12:41pm

ALL the comments posted here are great! We need shows that expand the imagination and this one used both sides of the brain.... they could combine the show's concept with, maybe, archaeological or geological timelines.... Wish it could keep going!
02/17/13 at 09:24am

The show was fun and educational. So I think it was a big mistake. Renew the show. Your channel can be cancelled too.
Jim green
02/16/13 at 12:26pm

Really enjoyed the show. To bad it got canceled

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