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Meteorite Men

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A documentary reality series showcasing how meteorites have impacted the Earth's surface.

Steve Arnold and Geoffrey Notkin are the Meteorite Men. Follow them as they visit areas around the world where meteorites have impacted the surface of the Earth.

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Posted 02/17/13 at 09:24:02

The show was fun and educational. So I think it was a big mistake. Renew the show. Your channel can be cancelled too.
Jim green
Posted 02/16/13 at 12:26:59

Really enjoyed the show. To bad it got canceled
Liz Calafiore
Posted 02/15/13 at 17:30:38

If Meterorite Men had been on Discovery as well as Science, it would have had a bigger following. It was fun and educational. It's too bad that there won't be a show about the meteorite by them in Russia because they're no longer on the air. Bet they'll be going anyway! It was one of the few shows I followed on Science!
Posted 02/15/13 at 17:08:06

I can't believe this show was cancelled. They have insulted so many viewers by doing so and replaced it with nonsense. Haven't watched the channel since the last episode aired.
Posted 02/15/13 at 07:36:45

I am not at all happy that Meteorite Men is not renewed. So many other idiotic shows with nothing to do with science started and this is axed? This was an interesting and educational show that took us to locations all over the world...exposing us and kids to all sorts of new things. Bad move.
Jim Bohannon
Posted 02/13/13 at 22:55:43

Let me get this straight: Meteorite Men isn't good enough to be on the Science Channel, but An Idiot Abroad is? Hell, why not just run Jerry Springer re-runs?
gary gerdin
Posted 02/10/13 at 00:33:05

Come on!! I loved watching two real people deal with the outdoors. They got frustrated, depressed, but also excited and had a great time exploring even when things didn't go their way. Renew this show!
Posted 01/22/13 at 17:21:16

I really think you are doing a big disservice in cancelling MM. It is entertaining, fun to watch, and educational for everyone.

There is a big outcry on the fact of the Arts and Sciences being cut or losing a portion of the funding from school budgets.

Here is a show that all ages can enjoy, and it is cancelled.

And you call yourself Discovery Channel.
Posted 01/21/13 at 19:38:49

WHY ?????What happened to one of the best family shows on t.v.!!!are you crazy?you have no idea how many people love this show.....What's happening to the great family programming in this country?
ella smith
Posted 01/11/13 at 11:29:13

please bring back meteorite men something thats finally interesting and not promoting violence 1 11 2013
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