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A sitcom following a newly dating overweight couple.

Mike Biggs is a police officer living in Chicago, who also happens to be trying to lose some weight. Molly Flynn is a a fourth-grade teacher also watching her eating habits. When the two meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, they hit it off.

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Posted 09/20/15 at 14:16:56

I Love this show, please keep it on the Air this show is so funny
april williams
Posted 07/31/15 at 17:29:53

Love Mike & Molly!
All the characters are funny and Nana is a hoot! Great family show! With all the violence and sex on t.v today..we need more Mike & Molly! Do not cancel this show.

JDinthe OC
Posted 12/23/14 at 15:49:46

Turned it on last night (Christmas episode) and saw Carl walk in the room then say a brief something, and there was way, way, way over the top canned laughter. It kept up throughout the entire episode. If that's what they're turning this show into.....count me out. Please CBS...If it ain't broke...don't fix it!
JDinthe OC
Posted 12/09/14 at 16:16:48

Well, last nights season opener was a total dud. This one ranks right up there with the Dallas season opener of years gone by. Basically the writers were asking you to sit down, don't think, don't enquire and don't analyze. Check your brain at the door, and be a good little robot. We are in control.....we will control all you see........Oops, wrong program.
Lee Hart
Posted 09/29/14 at 15:50:31

In the past-my Husband and I would never miss a show but last season was different--hated it !!! Molly was a sweet teacher and the show turned her into a crazy nut !! I love Mike still--just because she hit it big being crazy in the movies--it doesn't work on the show !!
Posted 08/06/14 at 20:43:57

I was disappointed with the last season. Making Molly crazy was boring and sad because you can see the show going down the drain. I hope season 5 makes a big turn around. Maybe have the rest of the cast get into more situations until the writers figure out what to do with Molly. My favorite character's are Carl, Victoria and Vince. Oh, can someone get Mike and Molly a bigger bed?
Posted 07/29/14 at 14:04:44

im 28years old guy from germany who had seen lots of american sitcoms over the last 2 decades
Mike and Molly was a great show the last seasons which aired in germany the last 4 months.
But nearly every 2nd sketch and funny thing was ripped of KING OF QUEENS many things borrowed from this show
10 people i know said this too.
however the sitcom was very funny until last week
last week the new episodes were boring and very hard to see
KATY BATES and susan sarandon playing roles in this episode= not good
it s not a good idea to have very famous and well known actresses and actors on this show. But the plot is also not the same good thing
I don't like the show anymore to be honest
Norma and Bob Moore
Posted 05/30/14 at 07:39:35

We are 73 yr young seniors and my husband and I love to watch Mike and Molly. We have never laughed so much in years. I cant single one partiular actress or actor out as we think they are all extremely talented and each have had us laughing to the point of years. LOVE U ALL
Posted 05/18/14 at 17:31:07

I do so like melissa mcartney i wish i could appreciate this show?
Posted 05/16/14 at 14:50:18

Our family really love to watch Mike and Molly,it is really funny.We seen Mike in Niagara Falls and he put on a great show!

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Billy Gardell (Mike)
Melissa McCarthy (Molly)
Reno Wilson (Carl)
Katy Mixon (Victoria)
Nyambi Nyambi (Samuel)
Swoosie Kurtz (Joyce)