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A drama following an intelligence analyst at a national think tank.

Rubicon follows an intelligence analyst at a national think tank in New York known as the American Policy Institute. He discovers that he may be working with members of a secret society that manipulates major world events.

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Posted 04/07/14 at 22:19:30

secret society, smart, interesting and gets canceled. sad...I really enjoyed this show.
Posted 05/16/13 at 10:58:26

Still shaking my head over this one...what is it with shows that have to make you think alittle bit getting cancelled all the time?
Posted 04/02/13 at 16:15:49

This should never been cancelled it was intelligent and plot line was unique. Like Erik said shows with stupid people or reality tv showing boating crap is all tv is about now. This was first intelligent analytical show in years you had to think to understand it.
Posted 03/10/13 at 08:42:00

I know it's been a long time since it's been cancelled but I'm still in shock it was cancelled
Posted 03/13/12 at 21:46:22

They canned Rubicon and kept the stupid Walking Dead? How insane is that?
Posted 02/15/12 at 17:24:05

This was the best show on TV, superior cast, interesting storyline so I guess that's why SOME IDIOTS cancelled it. It took too much brain power to understand.....You made the biggest TV blunder with this cancellation. If you did not enjoy this show you must have an IQ under 100.
Posted 01/16/12 at 17:36:11

this show was SO GOOD. I am REALLY annoyed that it's cancelled because they left us hanging for more at the end of the season!
Posted 01/10/12 at 17:39:46

Yeah, it was a good show. I'm beginning to get this feeling that the more I like a show, the more likely it is to be cancelled. Apparently, my taste in media is a bit too geeky. Maybe I should just give up on television -- networks must not be able to turn a profit unless they can sell a show to millions of morons because intelligence is so rarely embodied by the characters and plots of anything found therein.
Posted 09/10/11 at 18:29:49

Shame, this was a good show!

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Genre: Drama

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James Badge Dale (Will)
Jessica Collins (Maggie)
Lauren Hodges (Tanya)
Dallas Roberts (Miles)
Christopher Evan Welch (Grant)
Arliss Howard (Kale)
Miranda Richardson (Katherine)