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A reality series following day-to-day happenings at Bridals by Lori.

A spin-off of Say Yes to the Dress, the Atlanta version shows the progress of individual sales associates, managers, and fitters at Bridals by Lori as they profile brides as they search for the perfect wedding dress.

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03/26/18 at 01:09pm

Oh, I meant to add in my last comment. I wish they would bring back SYTTD Bridesmaids. I believe that one was for Atlanta only. I used to love that show....either I was laughing so hard I was on the floor or I was so angry I couldn't even talk, at what some of the Bridesmaids (supposedly friends of the Bride) had to say. I just couldn't believe a Bridesmaid-to-be would say to the Bride "I won't wear blue." (This to a Bride whose colors she picked were blue and white.) Or "I won't wear strapless." One time, the Bride wanted long dresses and one Bridesmaid actually said (and I quote) "No, no, nope. No long dresses." Anyway, I enjoyed that show.
03/26/18 at 01:04pm

I really miss SYTTD Atlanta! I like both SYTTD shows, but I like the Atlanta one better than the Kleinfeld one. And I REALLY agree with the other comments about Shay in NYC. He is totally obnoxious! But I haven't seen him on the Kleinfeld show lately. I have been watching the new season. So maybe they dropped him.
03/24/18 at 07:48pm

Please renew say yes to the dress atlanta. Really miss the show & cast!!
01/28/18 at 11:52am

Bring back Lori and Monte. Love them both.
01/06/18 at 12:57pm

Love Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta! Please bring this back. Lori and her staff are awesome and I love Monty!
peggy payson
01/01/18 at 10:06am

I cant stand shay on the new York show please bring Lori and Monty and Flo back Love atlanta
12/27/17 at 09:02am

I like both shows. Shay is very annoying!! He comes across as a know it all. Wouldn't want him to wait on me. I'd wait for someone else. Love monte & Lori. And every one else at Kleinfields. Get rid of my 600pound life.
Janice Schuh
11/24/17 at 08:31am

Please bring Lori and Monte back on!!!! Love them and miss them. Keep Jazz off the air.
11/07/17 at 10:51am

Please bring back "Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta". I love Laurie and Monte. Now I wouldn't mind if you took Klinefeld off.
Mary Ann Waters
10/25/17 at 08:10pm

I enjoy both shows, NYC and Atlanta. But Atlanta has more realistic prices and real people (and I am a New Yorker).
And yes, love the NY crew, but Shay is just annoying. If I were bridal shopping and he were my consultant, I'd dump Kleinfelds. He's way too intrusive.
Bring back Atlanta--I miss it.

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