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Network: TLC

A reality series documenting the life of a polygamist family in Utah.

Sister Wives is an unscripted reality show following advertising salesman Kody Brown and his family. Brown is 41 and has three wives - Meri, 39; Janelle, 40; Christine, 37 - and thirteen children among them. The only legal marriage is between Kody and his first wife Meri, while the others are considered spiritual unions.

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Posted 03/02/16 at 09:57:33

If it is true that Meri, Jannelle and Christine are moving on from their marriage, it would be awesome if TLC did a show featuring them. Just Sisters, Soul Sisters, Pleg Pals-whatever-I enjoy these strong ladies it would be wonderful to see their adventures moving forward. Whatever the case I wish them well.
Barbara Sinclair
Posted 01/27/16 at 18:06:46

In my world, if Cody wasn't a polygamist he would be a cheater, BIG TIME.
katherine marshall
Posted 05/18/15 at 00:21:12

This show has 4 women that have many problems, they need to get help, poor Mari is neurotic lady, the heavy lady acts like Kody was just a sperm donater and she is never happy, the next woman is a flaming DRAMA QUEEN, pain in the rear, the last skinny gal, is a clinger, and just doesn't fit in this mal-adjusted frustrated bunch, Kody is a OSCAR MYER WEINER, what a total nerd, like cut your balding hair and stop having kids!!!!!
Fun Guy
Posted 03/20/15 at 13:00:55

I think Polygamy is much more normal than gay men getting married and having children or gay women getting married and having children.
However, recent changes in the law have allowed gay men and gay women to be married.
Thus, there is no reason that polygamy should be illegal.
It is not a trivial task to mentally maintain feelings for multiple women. If I were in a polygamous marriage, I would only be able to handle dealing with the emotions of two women only.
Posted 03/01/15 at 18:15:09

Why don't they rename Sister Wives to Robyn In Charge? So sorry, Christine and Janelle, you are out in the cold. You haven't seen nothin' yet. Robyn was bossy and would pout regarding HER jewelry business-but now that she will be the legal wife. Look out!! You and your kids are out in the street.
Posted 02/27/15 at 12:39:21

Please cancel this stupid show....make him go get a job and support his five wives is 100 times better, and Brady is such a better man....
Susna Kleckner
Posted 02/25/15 at 11:08:36

Not for me and hard to understand, but these are good people and I enjoy the show. Really hope it doesn't get cancelledd.
christina kragel
Posted 02/12/15 at 09:01:08

I don't think mari should have divorced to let robyn take her place I can understand if meri is not happy with that but in past shows she has made the statement she isn't cant always believe what you read on here whats the truth did christines mom marry cody as well I know she moved in what is the real story on these people don't get me wrong I love this show and have watched since day 1........
Posted 10/19/14 at 13:06:03

Love love love this show... more of it please
Grace Lobermier
Posted 10/12/14 at 15:38:06

When will this show be on air again and on what network? I love the show.

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