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Skating with the Stars

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Network: ABC

A reality series where celebrities are paired with professional figure skaters to perform routines on the ice.

A variation on "Dancing with the Stars", this series pairs a celebrity with a professional ice skater as they prepare and perform a routine in front of a live audience in a televised ice skating competition every week.

The skating pairs are critiqued by a panel of judges and receive scores based on artistry and technique. After each show, viewers at home are invited to vote for their favorite performance. The couple with the lowest score each week is eliminated.

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Comments (3)

Posted 09/13/14 at 11:13:34

I'm not surprised it was cancelled, I'm sure people would not have won because of talent rather then because of popularity. Its like dancing with the stars that frankly is old and tired, and hopefully will be cancelled soon too. Frankly I would rather see every day people on something like dancing with the stars, then you will get people who have NO experience. I felt it was not right to put stars like Sabrina Bryan against stars who had NO dancing experience. Sabrina although very talented, attractive and young had an obvious advantage against stars with no dancing experience, older, or non athletic.
Posted 03/24/12 at 08:27:09

I'm not surprised. You have a really low amount of stars that would even consider doing something like this. You can't have an athlete who is still playing because they could hurt themselves if they happen to slip and twist their ankle or something. If you just pick D list actors from tv shows no one liked no one is going to watch. If no one got hurt in the first season its more of a miracle than anything. Yes having professionals makes it safer but even pro skaters still fall every once in a while.
Posted 09/07/11 at 13:17:03

T.V really need a show about ice skating. & they had finally aired a good one. Surprised that it got cancelled

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