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Network: FX

A neo-noir drama following two PI partners.

Hank Dolworth is an ex-cop and recovering alcoholic who partners with his best friend and former criminal Britt Pollack in an unlicensed private investigation venture.

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Comments (8)

Posted 11/11/12 at 22:39:18

Best show on TV. Can't believe that it's gone.
Posted 10/18/12 at 07:14:04

Agree with Joerg. . .initially, I was confused about the title. Thought it was a reality dog show or something. Thought I'd give it a ride, though, and glad I did. This show was top-notch comedy/drama, enjoyable from the get-go. But, alas, the netoworks worked their magic and made it disappear. Funny how that happens to so many good programs, while the Kardashians and a mulititude of other junk holds its own. Guess it just proves how very little sense the American public has. Don't give 'em anything to make 'em think - shove idiocy down their throats and they'll be happy.
Posted 05/22/12 at 18:55:21

Damn man that was a good show why cancel it. Its better most other shows that are on tv these days
Posted 05/14/12 at 15:10:07

I loved this show!!! Watched the entire Season! It deserves a 2nd Season!!!
Posted 04/28/12 at 21:43:24

Guess I better take it off thE DVR....BUMMER.
Posted 04/03/12 at 19:55:35

I think it was the name of the show that got it cancelled. I found this on Netflix streaming and the description sounded interesting despite the title. But looking at the name "Terriers", who would watch it?
Posted 03/29/12 at 18:41:10

Sometimes it is obvious why a show is cancelled but not this one. Why go to all the trouble to get a show on the air and not even give it a chance? How are these decisions made?
Posted 03/28/12 at 11:58:20

what idiot cancelled this show

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Genre: Drama

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Donal Logue (Hank)
Michael Raymond-James (Britt)
Laura Allen (Katie)
Rockmond Dunbar (Mark)
Jamie Denbo (Maggie)
Kimberly Quinn (Gretchen)