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The Glades

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Network: A&E

A procedural drama following a Chicago detective who leaves his hometown and moves to Florida.

Jim Longworth is Chicago detective who was falsely accused of sleeping with his captains wife. Because of this, he takes a new job in South Florida with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement - hoping to find a more relaxing lifestyle. He soon discovers that things are more complicated than he thought.

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Posted 04/20/14 at 20:51:40

Every once in a while I looked forwarded to a program I wanted to watch. THAT WAS THE GLADES. To find out it was canceled really upsets me. You have a lot of junk on A@E. The Glades was refreshing and entertaining and I made it a point to watch it every Monday. Please reconsider and bring back The Glades.
Phyllis Hendershot
Posted 04/18/14 at 08:04:30

Are you crazy that is the best show on TV especially A &E you have that worst show on earth (Duck Dinasty) with I don't know one person like like a bunch of retarteds and you have them on every night of the week some time terrible well I guess I don't have to worry about watching (A&E) anymore. Sometimes the producers don't have a Brian in there head.(Good By A&E) I do like Longmeir also but don't know if I will watch because of this stunt...........
Posted 04/15/14 at 14:35:04

This REALLY SUCKS, I can't believe they are cancelling the Glades!! Who are the IDIOTS who run A & E, they must have there heads up there butt holes to cancel a show this good! I can promise you this, I won't watch A & E!
Dan Morrow
Posted 04/13/14 at 14:33:57

My disappointment in A&E programming continues with the cancellation of one of the most appealing shows on TV. Decisions like this should register enough anger with A&E watchers to just boycott this TV channel. I know my household will do that until A&E starts doing a better job!
Posted 04/11/14 at 11:26:44

I agree with jes who wrote" Are you people crazy? This was a great show! and to end it on a cliffhanger is ridiculous!" Please bbring it back aatleast tie up the loose ends.
Posted 04/03/14 at 07:46:13

I am disappointed to see this cancellation. I was mad about the cliffhanger, and at the same time being impatient for the next season. The Glades and Longmire are both worth my free time with great characters and fun too. Please reconsider!
Posted 04/02/14 at 10:10:06

The Glades was a great show! We are so sick of those stupid realty shows!! Bring The Glades back!! How could you cancel a good show like this?? I'd like to know who makes these decisions also. You need to fix this. I don't understand how you could cancel it with such a great cliffhangar!
Posted 03/28/14 at 07:46:22

Exactly, you have 2 shows on men with many wives and you have cancelled the glades, an awesome show. GET REAL!!!
Posted 03/25/14 at 10:33:14

Instead of cancelling The GLADES, you need to cancel the people who decide what shows get cancelled and what shows should be cancelled because obviously they have not clue of what programs are worth renewing and what shows are not!!!
chris franey
Posted 03/25/14 at 08:23:20

yet another really topnotch show canceled. it just got better and better. you get us hooked then you do this. if you were smart you would listen to the loyal viewers, recognize your poor decision ---and bring this show back.
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Genre: Drama

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Matt Passmore (Jim)
Kiele Sanchez (Callie)
Carlos Gomez (Carlos)
Michelle Hurd (Colleen)
Jordan Wall (Daniel)
Uriah Shelton (Jeff)