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Jun 06, 2010 - Present






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A reality series where contestants compete in various shooting challenges.

In Top Shot, 16 contestants are split into two teams and compete in a variety of shooting challenges using a range of weapons. Contestants are eliminated until one remains to claim the grand prize of $100,000.

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08/23/15 at 00:21am

Well the last season was 2013. I'm afraid this show done forever. What a shame... Great premise for a TV show.
12/13/14 at 01:22pm

This was a great premise for a TV show, but like everything else these days, they had to smother it with made up drama. Good grief. Leave that stupidity for the soap opera morons.
10/20/14 at 07:00am

This is a great show. When will they do a new one?
09/13/14 at 01:20pm

Its really frustrating that a show about shooting gets such ridiculous treatment over "sensitivity" concerns and yet there are shows that LIVE by rape, murder, incest, fraud, and worst.
Its been a while, and this was about the only reality show I was willing to watch. I guess its gone too..
04/27/13 at 01:59pm

"On Air" for this show still says "-Present" above but I thought I read that it had been scrapped after the Newtown shootings.
Any news about the series?

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