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Network: NBC

An action spy TV series from creator J.J. Abrams.

Steven and Samantha are trying to put the 'spark' back in their marriage... by rejoining the CIA. Now they're discovering new things about each other, such as which lock-picking technique each prefers, who killed who, and how well they work together in a hostile environment.

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Marianna Powell
Posted 03/31/14 at 18:16:14

you should bring this show back show how they became spy and what the really true about their lives make it a 2 hour special on NBC
Posted 01/07/13 at 18:28:04

Please bring show back; it was not given a chance.
Again real actors who are suppose to act.

Love the show.
Posted 12/27/12 at 17:20:40

BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!... pleasešŸ˜¢
Posted 05/14/12 at 21:37:35

Sydelle and m.d. mapp I agree with you both. NBC execs what's your problem? You guys should have given it a chance.
Posted 05/10/12 at 19:09:29

I really liked this show, I don't know why they cancelled it. Perhaps it needed to 'grow' on people, and God knows it was not on the greatest nights/time slot....
m.d. mapp
Posted 03/14/12 at 12:33:02

Would like to see "Undercovers" back on air. They chemistry was there for all the characters, especiall between Steven & Smantha.

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Boris Kodjoe (Steven)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Samantha)
Gerald McRaney (Carlton)
Mekia Cox (Lizzy)
Carter MacIntyre (Leo)
Ben Schwartz (Bill)