2 Broke Girls

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Sep 19, 2011 - Apr 17, 2017






Caroline - Beth BehrsMax - Kat DenningsEarl - Garret MorrisOleg - Jonathan KiteHan Lee - Matthew Moy

A comedy following the lives of two waitresses in New York City.

Max is a twenty-something girl who comes from a poor, working-class family. Caroline is from a wealthy family but is now broke and on her own.

They work together at a Brooklyn restaurant and become friends with dreams of someday opening a cupcake shop together.

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08/09/18 at 12:57pm

I love this show it is so funny! Hate how it ended there is still so much more to tell
Liliana gimiz
06/07/18 at 10:27am

Your IQ has got to be below room temperature if you thought this was funny or entertaining. What shocks me is that it lasted 1 season. Boring, DUMB!!!, no talent. Really stupid dialogue and a farfetched premise. GLAD IT IS GONE!!!!!
01/26/18 at 01:30pm

im sooooo glad. the dialog from the main actresses felt "wooden" almost all the time.
12/10/17 at 10:46pm

why was this garbage allowed to stay on air for SO LONG!!!???
Cheryl Brown
11/30/17 at 10:08pm

I'll miss the horse... and Gus.
10/30/17 at 01:21pm

Thank you for FINALLY CANCELLING this show! I am at a loss as to how or why it ran so many seasons. Perhaps it had an appeal to an audience of girls ages 13-17, but even then I cannot understand how there was enough of an audience to justify its repeated renewal. Ugh!
I was further dumbfounded when "Angel from Hell" was hardly promoted and then cancelled after less than a handful of episodes, but the network used "2 Broke Girls" to fill the time slot. That was akin to throwing out a three-course meal and replacing it with a stale Bologna sandwich.
08/31/17 at 01:57pm

It's about bloody time. The first two seasons were good, but it went downhill fast after that. Offensive, stupid, bad acting and just plain not funny.
08/19/17 at 05:50pm

I'm so sad...my face just turned white and it still is...this was one ofmy fav shows...
S swordfish
07/19/17 at 08:03pm

Never in my life have I seen a show with so much canned laughter. There is literally not more than three seconds before there is another one. Now go back and watch it. See how I just ruined the show for you?You're welcome. Worst piece of garbage on TV.
06/25/17 at 03:28pm

I couldn't stand this show. So glad it's gone.

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