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Against The Wall

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Network: Lifetime

A drama following a cop who joins the Internal Affairs department.

Abby is a cop who has spent five years with the Chicago Police Department. With aspirations of becoming a detective, she takes a position in the Internal Affairs division but must now deal with backlash from her family and former coworkers on the force.

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Comments (117)

Posted 04/06/16 at 15:14:38

Still miss this show. Wish another network aquired the rights to get it started back up again. :-(
Posted 05/29/15 at 16:52:50

I too truly loved this series and was shocked it was canceled. The acting as well as the script was thought provoking and entertaining. Why would a show with so much charater and substance be axed while the moron based reality shows remain? It makes no sense. 2015, and I still am checking to see if the show will return .
Posted 01/20/14 at 22:17:27

My dad I have just finished watching Season 1 and we both loved it - it is a great family show - Please reconsider doing a second series
Posted 09/13/13 at 19:58:40

I have no idea if there's even a chance but I fell head over heels in love with it. I was an am very disapointed to find out there is and isn't another season. Oh my god I would be in H-E-A-V-E-N!!!!
Jarmila Mrva
Posted 08/31/13 at 23:29:42

I cannot believe that a good show like Against the wall geats cancelled and Sulivan & Son which is aimed at viwers with the IQ of a room temperature is still running!
Posted 06/27/13 at 18:30:04

Really want this back! So much stupid shows still on! You only fet rid of shows that have chemistry and are interesting! It's getting ridiculous!
Posted 06/19/13 at 19:46:50

Idon even like any of the silly fake shows nd movies on this network but I really did like against the wall so I was really disappointed to find out that it was and I kept wondering wat happen I was hoping another network had picked it up I hope yall can get it back cuz my bet is that a lot more people probably wuld rather watch this show nd like it better than half the shows nd movies that don't get cancelled
Posted 06/07/13 at 20:58:55

why would u cancel Against the wall when u can cancl other stupid shows like Dance moms all they do is torcher littel girles in public
Posted 05/22/13 at 16:17:33

Another good show cancelled right when you get familiar with it and the characters.
Posted 04/09/13 at 13:15:46

PLEASE Bring back Against the Wall it was my favorite show of all time!!!

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Genre: Drama

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Rachael Carpani (Abby)
Kathy Baker (Sheila)
Marisa Ramirez (Lina)
Brandon Quinn (Richie)
Mayko Nguyen (Mackie)
Andrew Walker (Brody)
Chris Johnson (Danny)
Treat Williams (Don)