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Drama / Horror


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A horror-drama anthology series.

Each installment of this anthology series takes place in a different location, featuring different characters affected by psychological and physical horrors.

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11/22/17 at 11:35am

You know that feeling you get when you've watched something so far you just got to see it to the end regardless of how shit it is just to prevent any curiosities that might come if you just stopped watching? Well that's me just finished watching season 7 finale. All i can say is thank fuck that is over. Just a shame it was series finale. The show just keeps getting worse. I will not be watching anymore AHS, that's it, I'm done. I can't believe it's been renewed for 2 more seasons. I for one will not be drawn in for them. If this show got cancelled. I would n't even give a shit that's how bad it has got.
10/25/17 at 11:06am

What happened to the horror? I used to love this show, even when it wasn't that great, but this season just lost me. I know politics is a hot topic and I don't have an issue with it being used, but there's nothing creepy or scary about this season. Even the whole clown thing got really lame really fast. It's more of a drama than a horror anthology. I'm no fan of the current administration and I get that people on both sides of the political spectrum can be really crazy and extreme, but I want horror, not what our daily lives have become....
10/11/17 at 07:16am

I have tried to connect to this season but finally, after last nights episode, I gave up. The politics doesn't bother me. In fact I was looking forward to it, but this season is just boring. Yes, each side has their own extreme people. Yes, we are all part of the same cult. Yes, we are all getting played. I get it, but just because I get it doesn't mean it's good. And it isn't. A total snoozefest, I finally deleted it off my DVR. I'm glad other people love it and I hope it continues to be great for them, but it just wasn't for me.
10/05/17 at 01:20pm

If I see another person/clown masturbating or having sex in this show, I'm gonna' gouge my eyes out!!!! We get it, Clowns and people are freaky....but geeze!!!!
09/26/17 at 09:11am

I'm watching, but I'm bored already. This season just isn't pulling me in. I thought the idea of politics, clowns, and cults would be interesting but it's really falling flat for me. I'll keep watching. Hopefully it will pick up.
09/14/17 at 01:01pm

I'm sorry, but this season with the clowns is a little over the top! Two episodes in and I'm like "WTH" am I watching. Come on can do better than this.
michael dobey
01/12/17 at 01:48pm

I have to laugh when I read that a season was a disaster and such nonsense. Each season was different. Each season had great ratings. AND that's why this show is back for two more seasons. Only Supernatural will have had more seasons in the horror genre.
12/08/16 at 02:26pm

There's always one person who whips out the "Lady Gaga got a Golden Globe" line, clearly failing to realize that the GG's are a joke and pretty much always have been. Hollywood makes fun of them on a regular basis and they are seen as nothing more than a popularity contest. Really. Look it up. They're not taken seriously. I love her music, but it's obvious she only got nominated to get people to watch. She's not a great actress.
Anyway, with that said, this last season was better than season 5 but not by much. I'm hoping season 7 is better or I fear it will get cancelled....or at the very least, I will be deleting it off my DVR. Sad, because I loved this show and have watched it since it started.
11/03/16 at 12:41pm

Season 5 was a disaster so I can't say season 6 is worse. It's not great, but not nearly as bad. It's just meh.
04/08/16 at 07:47pm

I didn't watch AHS until season 4 was almost finished. I binge watched and now own every season except hotel (not out yet)some people have mentioned there was something 'missing'this season well, jessica Lange would be a big thing! Beyond that they gave the most talented actors the smallest parts. For example,kathy bates, who is first billed as opposed to the honorary "and, with and as" group, so you think she would have a bigger part than previous seasons, but to my dismay, it was FAR less. I realize why they didn't have one of the older, better actors do most of the sex scenes, because let's face it sex sells and lady Gaga is willing to do whatever with whoever in spades. It was part of the character and I think she was better than I expected.Someone else said it was the "lady Gaga show" I agree a 100% the only other actor that is awesome that got a lot of screen time was Liz Taylor. What about Angela bassestt, Lilly rabe, sarah paulson, Frances Conroy and the list goes on...overall it's one of the best shows on tv, no comparison especially for the genre, but they set the bar high and if you want new talent, different faces etc..write parts according to their strengths and don't make what has always been an ensemble show, a one-man-act. Unless that one man can carry an entire show. Clearly that is not what happened golden globe or not. All we as fans can hope for is a spectacularly better 6th season. I think they put more effort into scream queens, and that should say a lot!!!

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