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Bob's Burgers

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Network: FOX

An animated sitcom about a man, his family, and their struggling burger restaurant.

Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs "Bob's Burgers", with a little help from his family. Bob knows how to serve up great tasting food, but faces obstacles on the business side of the operation.

In Bob's family are his wife Linda, who supports his dream, their eldest daughter Tina, who is an awkward teenager, their middle child Gene, a prankster, and their youngest daughter Louise, who is full of energy.

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Posted 09/24/14 at 13:12:44

what i can say about this show is that, to properly get how good it is, you have to watch a whole season or seasons. i watched 1 episode and quickly changed but got all seasons from my friend and now i love it. Louise is the shit!!! this show is mature even with its humour, its not disgusting like south park can get, ridiculous like the simpsons and does not try so so much like family guy and Cleveland and american dad... i remember i nearly finishd season 6 of family guy without laughing, but stuwie finaly cracked me up hijacking and stuff. Well i give it 4 outa 5... south park lost its creativity and boondocks is too broke, so ive been lookin for another show to love, black dynamite needs to get pushed more cause ive been even watchn anime even startd learning Japanese cause my eyes hurt from reading subtitles all the time, english audio alwys sounds gay.... then yeah bobs burger... i love bobs burger... im not afraid ghosts im not afraid of sharks im not afraid of cancer im just afraid of snakes they really creep me out where are their arms n legs... its not ok....
Posted 09/21/14 at 16:20:18

Posted 09/17/14 at 14:12:06

One of my favorite shows. It's okay if you don't enjoy it, but the humor behind this show is pretty clever which is undenyable.
Posted 09/13/14 at 08:33:25

I Hate this show, really stupid to get rid of American Dad which was actually funny but keep this horrible show on.
Posted 08/03/14 at 19:30:07

This is probably the stupidest show ever.Absolutely horrible please cancel this dumb ass show.
Diana R
Posted 06/17/14 at 11:22:04

Bobs Burgers is one of the best adult cartoons out there. Comparing it with Family Guy and American Guy, Bobs Burgers wins hands down. It has awkward obnoxious humor and good family sense. People with dry sense of humor obviously cant see how great this show is , but screw them and keep Bobs Burgers on the air !! Relax and enjoy the show , its flippin hillarious.
Btw Louis is my all time favorite character, Tina can get annoying, but you'll grow to love her.. same goes for Lindas voice lol . #COMEDY
Brett (bap man"
Posted 05/18/14 at 19:01:20

The first time I seen it I thought it ws pretty retarded, just didn't give it enough time to soak
Then after the next time I caught it by accident I paid a little more att. To it and learned the characters and starting likeing it. Then I started looking for it now when I watch it I laugh my as off cause it's so stupid u can't help but laugh. U know how everybody has that one friend that u think is just loony toons or just plain damn dum as a box of rocks but u can't help but laugh at tha bastard. Well that bobs burgers. Can't help but loose it with these weird ass people. Still trying to figure out what are of or what part of society do they belong to. Maybe what state, I would have to think Chicago or New York maybe. I don't know cause I don't pay enough att. I guess. But I do pay enough att. To know what's going on. Stay with bob we love u. Don't think they will put u on another channel so milk the shit out of this one. Thanks your pal Bap Man
Posted 04/01/14 at 20:39:52

WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAUGHT BY "accident" ONE EVENING LAST YEAR ON THE CARTOON NETWORK and now I am hooked. I enjoy the opening sequences with the pest control truck and look forward to the names for the company AND oh those names for the burger of the day.It took me a while to "understand" Tina AND NOW I love her. "TINA FOR PRESIDENT: NOT HILARY". Great, Great Toon.
Posted 03/19/14 at 10:28:10

Been watching bob over the past year this show is way funnier then family guy American dad they need to keep making shows favorite one is the kids sells blue berrys haha
Beatriz Lopez
Posted 03/02/14 at 14:41:28

Love this show!!!!!! Never
Cancel it!!!! Ever!!!!
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Genre: Comedy / Animated

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H. Jon Benjamin (Bob)
Dan Mintz (Tina)
Eugene Mirman (Gene)
John Roberts (Linda)
Kristen Schaal (Louise)