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An animated sitcom about a man, his family, and their struggling burger restaurant.

Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs "Bob's Burgers", with a little help from his family. Bob knows how to serve up great tasting food, but faces obstacles on the business side of the operation.

In Bob's family are his wife Linda, who supports his dream, their eldest daughter Tina, who is an awkward teenager, their middle child Gene, a prankster, and their youngest daughter Louise, who is full of energy.

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Posted 11/25/15 at 11:41:40

THIS SHOW IS BETTER THAN FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD AND THE SIMPSONS...Some people probably don't like it becuase their humor is too dry to understand it's awesomeness. If they EVER cancel this show there goes a crap load of moolah down the drain.
Posted 11/10/15 at 19:06:37

Bring back the cleveland show cancel bob burgers i know someday the cleveland show will come back with new episodes the cleveland show was popular it made 4 season it's a popular spin off nobody likes bob burgers it's crap it's garbage bob burgers is getting bad reviews its crap bring back the cleveland show cancel bob burgers it's crap cleveland belong on the cleveland show not family guy as a side charcter cleveland sucks on fg
Posted 11/05/15 at 18:24:05

Bobs Burgers is a really good show. Why show American Dad all day and leave Bobs Burgers out.The American Dad is not as clean as Bob's Burgers. Bobs Burgers is a very clean adult show that informs the way younger children thinks today and the way adults deal with them. Compared to American Dad shows the son selling illegal products out the van. So go on, while at it take King of the hill off the air as well. Screwing up America is your best deal by takin Bobs Burger off the air then take King of the hill off as well,
Posted 10/27/15 at 18:50:16

I truly enjoy this show! I so look foward to watching it every evening. You can't fix stupid my friends :)- Some people just try to find things to bitch about.
Posted 10/27/15 at 02:31:13

It's a cartoon people. I've seen it, and it's ok but after comments from people like haters and Lucas I'm not sure if I will ever watch another episode. I would hate to become someone that uses that kind of language over a CARTOON!
Posted 10/27/15 at 02:19:24

Wow!!!!! Such language. Shows come and go,it's not the death of anyone. I like it, but sometimes it just seems so stupid, but that doesn't mean others don't enjoy it,just look at how you are reacting over a CARTOON.
Posted 07/07/15 at 06:50:52

this is like 1 of my favorite shows, and usually if i watch shows too much i get tired of the show and need to watch something else ...but this, ill never get tired. i love this show sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Posted 07/06/15 at 08:50:50

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BOBS BURGERS. I love Louise and Tina. This show is all I watch I always watch this show if I'm sad so I can cheer up. This show is the effing BEST
Posted 06/21/15 at 20:35:53

F*** b*******s this show is bomb
JoJo Toogo
Posted 06/05/15 at 02:17:09

i f@**ing love Bobs Burgers linda and louise are my absolute favorites

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Genre: Comedy / Animated

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H. Jon Benjamin (Bob)
Dan Mintz (Tina)
Eugene Mirman (Gene)
John Roberts (Linda)
Kristen Schaal (Louise)