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Bob's Burgers

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Network: FOX

An animated sitcom about a man, his family, and their struggling burger restaurant.

Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs "Bob's Burgers", with a little help from his family. Bob knows how to serve up great tasting food, but faces obstacles on the business side of the operation.

In Bob's family are his wife Linda, who supports his dream, their eldest daughter Tina, who is an awkward teenager, their middle child Gene, a prankster, and their youngest daughter Louise, who is full of energy.

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Posted 04/01/14 at 20:39:52

WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAUGHT BY "accident" ONE EVENING LAST YEAR ON THE CARTOON NETWORK and now I am hooked. I enjoy the opening sequences with the pest control truck and look forward to the names for the company AND oh those names for the burger of the day.It took me a while to "understand" Tina AND NOW I love her. "TINA FOR PRESIDENT: NOT HILARY". Great, Great Toon.
Posted 03/19/14 at 10:28:10

Been watching bob over the past year this show is way funnier then family guy American dad they need to keep making shows favorite one is the kids sells blue berrys haha
Beatriz Lopez
Posted 03/02/14 at 14:41:28

Love this show!!!!!! Never
Cancel it!!!! Ever!!!!
Posted 01/26/14 at 16:43:27

I like this show alot.. its original and i like the humor that only people who really understands real comedy. How can you watch this show and not laugh out loud.. ???
Posted 01/14/14 at 04:16:50

They should cancel this show, it messes up the time on the DVR on Dish, DirectTV or any other one while trying to record Family Guy (Which is also better than Bob's Burgers...). This show has no sense of humor at ALL. What makes me saddened by this show is that American Dad is funnier than this, and American Dad isn't that funny to me or my family.
joe schmo
Posted 11/18/13 at 22:20:57

Jordan must be suffering from no sense of humor. Bob's Burgers is a great cartoon. It is humor not a docudrama, get a sense of humor and go with it, don't take it so serious. If you want to watch crap watch The Simpsons, they haven't been funny in several years. Oops I just realized these comments are really old so i guess this is irrelevant.
Posted 09/15/13 at 18:44:50

Jordan must be on his period stupid douche
Posted 09/05/13 at 17:20:00

This is the best show to air in a long time! My boyfriend and I fell in love with the characters and dialogue from the very first episode we watched. We constantly quote numerous lines from each episode. We look forward to watching this show. It's intelligent requires grey matter to understand it.
Posted 07/28/13 at 00:40:06

I "hated" Bob's Burgers forEVER and I think it's because I really didn't understand the comedy so I just disregarded it. I then caught an episode that I thought was the funniest thing ever! I was hooked from then on and now I'm worried it's gonnabe cancelled! Boo!
Posted 07/20/13 at 21:19:54

LOL @ people complaining about this show, as if a gun is being held to your head to watch it. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Plain and simple. And to the person who said Adult Swim missed the mark adding it to their lineup... you have seen their other shows, right?
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Genre: Comedy / Animated

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H. Jon Benjamin (Bob)
Dan Mintz (Tina)
Eugene Mirman (Gene)
John Roberts (Linda)
Kristen Schaal (Louise)