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Network: Starz

A fantasy drama that re-envisions the classic medieval tale of King Arthur.

It's the aftermath of King Uther’s death, and chaos is threatening to overtake Britain. The sorcerer Merlin foretells a dark future, and decides to install Uther's young and impetuous son, Arthur, to the throne. However Arthur's ambitious half-sister, Morgan, will fight to the bitter end to claim the crown for herself.

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Posted 09/13/14 at 08:36:58

Loved this show, was ounce again left disappointed and being left hanging they could have at least had a conclusion episode.
Posted 12/06/13 at 09:11:30

This was my ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW!!!! the only show ever me and my boyfriend could agree on watching... So now its back to watching tv in two seperate rooms and two different televisions. Im heartbroken =(
Posted 01/12/13 at 16:17:24

Thought it was good, must not have been good enough. I liked spartacus but that died off when anthony whitfield died, I am into game of thrones currently and camelot was a (average - good) competitor.
Posted 05/01/12 at 06:45:20

I thought that this show presented a fascinating spin on the old Arthur story, essentially telling it from the points of view of Merlin and Morgana, and showing Merlin to be a troubled soul, unsure of himself, of his role, and of his power and the inherent danger of possessing such power (a sentiment which Morgana blatantly ignores at the cost of her humanity). I actually enoyed the first season of Camelot more than the first season of Game of Thrones (although it has grown on me a bit). Sad to say, quality and success are rarely the same in our popular culture.
Posted 12/30/11 at 19:06:55

Loved this show. :(
Posted 11/14/11 at 15:23:08

Gotta agree with Joe,
They were ruining such a good story with the bad acting... it's not because you're showing boobs and sex scene that it's gonna be liked...
Posted 10/15/11 at 17:04:36

Thank GOD! This show is cancelled! Great story! Bad actors! Enough said!
Posted 10/14/11 at 13:20:14

Great show, great effects, but cancelled after the first season. It is no more :(
Posted 09/07/11 at 21:15:28

I think this series is about to air on CBC here in Canada. I had never heard of it before!

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Joseph Fiennes (Merlin)
Jamie Campbell Bower (King Arthur)
Tamsin Egerton (Guinevere)
Claire Forlani (Igraine)
Peter Mooney (Kay)
Philip Winchester (Leontes)
Eva Green (Morgan)
Clive Standen (Gawain)
Jesse Spencer (King Hem)
James Purefoy (King Lot)