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A reality series following children in competitive dance along with their mothers.

Dance Moms focuses cameras on children's early steps on the road to stardom - with their doting mothers in tow, who show up for each and every rehearsal and performance.

Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller runs the school and instructs the young and talented dancers, as the spotlight focuses on the highs and lows surrounding competitive dance and the pursuit of national titles.

As hard as it is, the students also must deal with their passionate mothers who will go to any length to help their child's dream come true.

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07/21/14 at 05:22pm

The way Abby treats the kids is fine its not child abuse. yes okay you can argue that they don't need to be treated that way until they are older but if they want to make it as a dancer they are gonna have to take harsh comments, actually it will be a lot worse for them in the real world. Abby is just preparing them for the harshness the dance world brings.
07/16/14 at 08:13pm

Plz dont cancel the show .there is a big chance nobody from lifetime os looking at this but if they are plz plz plz dont cancel the show may be to late but ive only seen a couple episodes and its my fave show im a dnacer and I reconize abby is only hard on them because she doesnt want to see the girls or the company go down she cares she working them so they are ready for future competitions theres alot against the show but theres more that love it and would hate to see it cancel plz plz plz dont canel the show
Dee J.. Memmer
07/11/14 at 09:57pm

Lets be fair and let us know if Dance moms is canceld or not.
06/25/14 at 02:10pm

I love dance moms but even thought she is hard on the kids I think she has their best interest in heart. I hope you don't cancled the show me and my sister get to sit down together and watch it. I never get to spend time with her and we both loved it. PLEASE PLEASE DONT CANCLE.
06/18/14 at 02:43pm

omG..get a grip people.She is hard on those girls to preapre them for what they are going to face in real life when they try to become a professional dancer. You think the people they are going to go to for jobs will give a damn about them other than showing up on time and doing a good job. She's hard on them because she cares and everyone that hates on her really needs to lok at the big picture.
06/17/14 at 01:07pm

Sure, I don't like the way Abby treat the girls but I really enjoy the end product, the beautiful dances. They should be allowed to show off their talent. Please reconsider canceling this program I and my daughter really enjoy it.
06/13/14 at 09:53pm

I Miss DANCE MOMS very much. I am VERY disappointed in Lifetime because they have stuck in TRUE TORY in back to back REPEAT showings. There is no content to these dumb reality no-sense shows. What is going on here???? I PAY FOR CABLE, and I have complained about the CONTENT that is PUSHED DOWN THE THROATS OF CONSUMERS.
I don't consider a cheating husband, a compliant dipsy wife entertainment in the farthest stretch of imagination. lIFETIME NEEDS TO PAY THE CONSUMER. Cable says that they aren't responsible for programing; however, they sure are right there to take the money charged for a bunch of ho-hah, non-sense programing.
Why take off something that IS WATCHED, and then substitute True Tory, 8 is enough, 19 and Counting, The Kardashians, and on and on and on.
I also think that although Abby knows her stuff, she is very trying to listen to all the time. Abby needs some kind of counseling about how to treat those that she wants to light a fire under. Constant comparisons to other dancers and put downs are not the building blocks of confidence and success. It also is downgrading an otherwise very addictive, but entertaining program. I enjoy all the dancers, but NOT ALL the Moms. The mothers with MENTAL problems shouldn't be allowed in there, PERIOD. I have heard that the producers encourage this type of back-biting amongst the mothers. Where do producers and directors get their "feed-back" from? I wish they would try to listen to their viewers instead of helping to trash one of the few entertaining shows on television.
06/09/14 at 07:29pm

PLEASE do not cancel Dance Moms. I love this show very, very much!
Abby is preparing these children for tough competition. In their adult future, if they always win, they will be fine. If they face even one disappointment, Abby has prepared them for that, too. Competing is tough. Abby is getting the girls ready for the big, sometimes not-so-nice world. She cannot do that by burping them!
Stars are made. Abby knows how to do that!
06/05/14 at 12:19pm

Dont cancel dance moms its a entertaining show sure the childs are treated bad and maddie is the star,and abby yells to much. but its just a show they do tjat stuff for money the dont really mean that stuff do they
06/04/14 at 07:44pm

Abby Lee Miller should leave t.v. and go get help from weight watchers

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