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A drama following a genius who uses his mental agility to solve crimes.

Arkady Balagan is a former World Chess Champion from Russia. After his fiancee is killed, his struggles lead him to develop agoraphobia.

Now deep in debt, Arkady decides to use his analytical skills to help solve mysteries.

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Comments (4)

Posted 05/15/15 at 22:46:04

Please bring this show back. It is exciting and refreshing. Please bring it back.
Posted 09/16/12 at 18:09:28

I started watching Endgame, and it was SO GOOD! I agree with killenjoke, it was well written and was so entertaining. The season finale had me on edge, and I was so ready for season 2 to come out, but then I heard that it was cancelled. This is really sad. If only more people were exposed to Endgame, it would've stayed for at least one more season.
Posted 03/27/12 at 21:12:43

i didnt even know this show was canceld until just now, ive been watching it every week on hulu, just saw the season finale on hulu and was looking forward to the next..... i didnt even know this show was on, or even what channel it was on, this seems to be a big problem today, shows that are actually written and have strong stories become side notes to shows that i personally cant standd, im proud to say ive never watched an episode of american idle, nor will i ever. this show was so good and very well written with a hint of comedy sprinkled on the dark nature of most of its crimes, and it was written so well. now like so many shows sent to the executioner the fans will suffer, never knowing the truth of rosemarry's death. ive honestly given up on tv.
Posted 11/24/11 at 23:28:30

Sad, this show had a unique storyline and could have gone 2 more seasons.

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Genre: Drama

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Shawn Doyle (Arkady)
Torrance Coombs (Sam)
Patrick Gallagher (Hugo)
Katharine Isabelle (Danni)
Melanie Papalia (Pippa)
Carmen Aguirre (Alcina)
Veena Sood (Barbara)