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A dramedy following a troubled executive trying to get her life back on track.

Amy is a self-destructive health and beauty executive whose life has fallen off the rails after a public meltdown at her workplace.

In order to get her life together she seeks treatment at a facility in Hawaii, where she spends three months meditating and contemplating her future.

Now well and rested, Amy sets out on the path to pick up the pieces of her life back home.

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Posted 05/01/13 at 15:55:05

This was an extremely entertaining and uncomfortable show to watch. We were reminded of watching george on sienfeld. He was funny but unnerving. Of course george didnt have much of a concious but the concious in enlightened was self interested. Of course the characters can spell which is more than I can do without spellcheck. Sorry to see the show leave. Hope laura and her writing/acting buddy come up with something new.
Posted 04/09/13 at 18:27:26

I could think of dozens of programs I'd deem 'worthless,' but Enlightened was certainly not one of them. This show was about LIVING and appreciating every single day. It's a shame people didn't find it relevant, it should be more relevant than ever.
S Carter
Posted 04/03/13 at 19:17:05

What a worthless program.

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Laura Dern (Amy)
Diane Ladd (Helen)
Luke Wilson (Levi)
Timm Sharp (Dougie)
Amy Hill (Judy)
Sarah Burns (Krista)
Mike White (Tyler)