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A satirical sitcom focused on a British husband and wife comedy writing team.

Sean and Beverly are a happily married British couple who are also a comedy writing team. When they move from Britain to Hollywood to remake their successful British TV series for an American audience, they find it a more difficult task than first imagined.

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Robert Ellis
Posted 03/03/17 at 05:23:21

I would rather have fewer episodes of quality tv than 20+ per season of Man with a Plan.
Raymond Tekker
Posted 06/20/16 at 19:20:38

Oh well, another great comedy is going. Too bad they skipped 2016 so we have to wait until 2017. I see they also skipped 2013.. These short seasons and skipping years seems rather unproffesional to me, oh well..
I see Stephen Mangan just did Houdini and Doyle (yawn). I liked Mangan much better on Episodes and Dirk Gently. I hope he gets another good comedy roll soon.
Dave rickett
Posted 01/19/16 at 11:19:12

Please renew!!! This is the best show under the radar! I have never seen 1 episode of Friends!! I'm so glad!
Ken Wilson
Posted 04/06/15 at 20:26:02

I like the show too, but only 9 episodes? Just as you start to get into it again, the season is over. Come on, what a joke! Make the normal 26 episodes per season or cancel it. Just not going to waist any more time on it.
Thank you.
Posted 02/24/14 at 08:52:43

Show is awesome! Love everyone in it.
Posted 02/05/14 at 18:05:08

Matt's character I think is himself--he is so much better in this show than in Friends, and we loved Friends! I like Sean too and Carol, but Matt makes the show. Please don't cancel.
Posted 02/05/14 at 18:03:19

OMG, Matt LeBlanc is fantastic! His comedic timing is perfect. He makes the show with his cocky attitude--love it!
Posted 02/19/13 at 21:54:23

Posted 08/28/12 at 12:45:52

This show is great!
l. bennett
Posted 08/27/12 at 16:42:04

one of the funniest shows on t.v.----please renew for season 3!!!!!!

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Genre: Comedy

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Matt LeBlanc (Matt LeBlanc)
Stephen Mangan (Sean)
Tamsin Greig (Beverly)
John Pankow (Merc)
Kathleen Rose Perkins (Carol)
Richard Griffiths (Julian)
Daisy Haggard (Myra)
Mircea Monroe (Morning)