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Happily Divorced

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Network: TVLand

A comedy following an LA florist who discovers her husband is actually gay.

Fran lives in Los Angeles and works as a florist. And until recently, she was also married. That is until she found out that her husband of 18 years is gay.

Now, trying to move on with her life, she must juggle new relationships while still living in the same home as her now ex-husband.

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Posted 05/20/15 at 15:42:57

Aguada, Puerto Rico with love for Happily Divorced. Please bring it back. I miss it very much.......
Posted 09/20/14 at 11:14:41

seriously, TV Land, why would you take such a funny, just plain enjoyable show off the air?? You have that junk Candid Camera on but take away Fran??
Posted 07/23/14 at 03:00:32

I just found out that one of my favorite TV shows was canceled - Happily Divorced. This was a great show that was well-written and acted. I think this was a wrong move, TV Land.
Posted 05/28/14 at 05:32:22

love this show it was awesome and funny I love fran her voice is such a turn on
Posted 05/02/14 at 07:32:57

The show was on at a difficult time. I had to watch it ON DEMAND. I love Fran and loved the show.
We loose out....
Portsmouth, NH
Posted 04/24/14 at 14:24:19

I really looked forward to this show. It was funny and smart. How can you cancel it when there is so much crap on the air. someone is not recognizing a good show. Lets bring on another reality show!!!! Cheapskates.
Posted 03/07/14 at 01:55:55

You SUCK!!!!!!
Posted 01/25/14 at 17:19:14

Never a "dull" moment in this show; wish someone would regain their senses & bring Happily Divorced back.
Posted 01/01/14 at 18:22:21

The only show i watch on tvland. not a problem.... Thank goodness for "favorite" lists. I just removed tvland all together. NICE
Posted 12/25/13 at 16:30:21

It seems inevitable that Happily Divorced is not coming back; so does anyone know where i can get season 2 of Happily Divorced???

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Genre: Comedy

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Fran Drescher (Fran)
John Michael Higgins (Peter)
Tichina Arnold (Judi)
Valente Rodriguez (Cesar)
Rita Moreno (Dori)
Robert Walden (Glenn)