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A thriller following a CIA agent who suspects a Marine of being a risk to national security.

Carrie Mathison is a CIA operations officer who was recently reassigned to the agency's counter-terrorism center after conducting an unauthorized operation in Iraq.

While in Iraq, Carrie was warned that Al-Queda has managed to convince an American P.O.W. to join their cause. After learning about a recently rescued US Marine Sergeant who was missing in Iraq since 2003, Carrie suspects that the Marine is the threat she was warned about.

With the help of her old boss and mentor, Carrie now turns her efforts to investigating the recently-rescued Marine in hopes of preventing another terrorist attack on America.

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Posted 04/14/17 at 16:31:31

Season 7 was a slower version of the show, but set up season 8 beautifully. I look forward to the interplays and plot twists that are going to show up in the next season.
Posted 09/16/16 at 21:09:46

Really enjoy this show. Delighted it got renewed till season 8..
Floyd Dehanne
Posted 11/20/14 at 16:19:52

David Wood Waa Waa Waa
Posted 06/19/14 at 22:54:12

I really have to agree. Homeland will not be the same without Brody. Not to say the other major players haven't done an incredible job, but at this point, I think it is time to wrap it up.
Posted 06/18/14 at 17:04:32

Without Brody homeland is not worth seeing. Will not see season 4 if he is no longer in the series
David Wood
Posted 01/04/14 at 14:31:31

Sorry CathyJo. I read some of the other comments and it seems everyone is a spoiler! Thanks heaps.
David Wood
Posted 01/04/14 at 14:26:16

Hey CathyJo, thanks for the spoiler!
Posted 12/18/13 at 08:20:22

Guess we'll be experiencing Season 4 without Brody. THAT was a shocker!
Posted 11/18/13 at 01:26:55

The whole season 3 is crap when do they finnaly cancel this show its getting boring
Posted 09/02/13 at 18:04:50

Was it me or was the first ep of second 3 total crap?
never had been so bored,It was like they run out of money and Ideas,To bad

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Genre: Drama

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Claire Danes (Carrie)
Damian Lewis (Nicholas)
Mandy Patinkin (Saul)
Morena Baccarin (Jessica)
David Harewood (David)
Diego Klattenhoff (Mike)