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Last Man Standing

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Network: ABC

A comedy following one man's mission to reclaim his manhood in a house dominated by women.

Mike Baxter is a man's man. He drives a pick-up truck and works as a marketing director for a sporting goods store. But while he may be the king of the hill at work, he's the odd man out at home.

The females dominate the household, namely his wife and their three daughters. And with Mike's wife returning to the workplace, he is now faced with handling even more of the parenting workload.

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Al Boring
Posted 08/02/17 at 10:00:18

I didn't hate this show and wanted to like it, until I watched it. It deserves what it got.
Posted 08/01/17 at 17:52:10

Last Man Standing was the best show on tv. Tim Allen is hilarious.
I guess since it doesn't contain illicit sex, murder or homosexuality that abc doesn't want it on tv.
Their loss. Nothing else on abc for me, I'm out.
Posted 07/20/17 at 16:00:01

I guess the "people who are not easily swayed to like bad things" are trying to control everything, even what we watch on TV! God bless us all!
Posted 07/20/17 at 15:58:32

Wow so many people think this is Liberal vs Don's Sheep. This was about a show that had run it course and was going to cost more to make. If this is about liberals than thank you Liberals for keeping capitalism and American values alive.
Posted 07/19/17 at 18:41:23

I guess the Liberals are trying to control everything, even what we watch on TV! God bless us all!
Posted 07/18/17 at 09:38:58

Yes this show gives Big Bang a run for it's money, to see who can write the worst jokes of all time. I thought this show patriotic. I didn't know Russian spy supporters liked it too.
Look lets leave politics out of this: The show was an outdated style and bad. This was just jokes from the 90's rehashed, lame laugh tracks used to tell when the jokes happened, and cheap sets. The show was bad. You must mean "people who are not easily swayed to like bad things" when you say liberal.
Posted 07/16/17 at 13:34:52

These writers give the Big Bang writers a run for their money! Fast passed, sweet and hits the liberals where they live. If you voted for Trump you surely will enjoy this show now on the Hall Mark Chanel in reruns.
Tim All-in
Posted 07/14/17 at 09:37:33

I support the AMERICAN broadcasting company's CAPITALIST intention. You'd have to be a socialist to expect abc to keep this show on when not enough people are watching it to justify the raises in salaries that would be needed. OR you would be a socialist to force the cast to stay on but take lower salaries than they want to do a show they are getting bored of. As a CAPITALIST I think AMERICAN broadcasting company made the right decision. As for content I think they made the wrong decision to put on a laugh track led multi-cam setcom past 2010.
Posted 07/01/17 at 13:03:33

Liberal Hollywood SUCK!! So long ABC, I'm done with ALL of your stupid programming.
Posted 06/22/17 at 10:27:08

The same reason ABC canned it. The show cost more to produce than was taking in from advertisers. Not enough people liked it for the Advertisers to justify paying more than it cost to produce. With the contract of Tim Allen ending, he would probably ask for more money than the advertisers feel they would make from showing ads to people during his show. Simple said "He would ask more than he is worth"
Why keep on a show that will lose you money? Why spend money to take on a show that was losing someone else money? Capitalism!

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Genre: Comedy

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Tim Allen (Mike)
Nancy Travis (Vanessa)
Molly Ephraim (Mandy)
Alexandra Krosney (Kristin)
Kaitlyn Dever (Eve)
Hector Elizondo (Ed)