Last Man Standing

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Oct 11, 2011 - Present






Mike - Tim AllenVanessa - Nancy TravisMandy - Molly EphraimKristin - Alexandra KrosneyEve - Kaitlyn DeverEd - Hector Elizondo

A comedy following one man's mission to reclaim his manhood in a house dominated by women.

Mike Baxter is a man's man. He drives a pick-up truck and works as a marketing director for a sporting goods store. But while he may be the king of the hill at work, he's the odd man out at home.

The females dominate the household, namely his wife and their three daughters. And with Mike's wife returning to the workplace, he is now faced with handling even more of the parenting workload.

Comments (111)

TV guy
05/24/18 at 07:44pm

Worst Show EVER! No idea or anything on tv can ever be as bad as this. I don't people should be allowed to make anything this bad.
05/12/18 at 03:44am

I watched while it was on ABC, but I’d rather FOX had kept Last Man on Earth and/or Brooklyn 99 instead.
John H. Schneider II
05/11/18 at 03:36pm

Y y y
05/10/18 at 07:37am

Dumb show
John H. Schneider II
05/08/18 at 09:39am
Ryan Montgomery
05/08/18 at 07:10am

Yay! This show has been uncancelled! Excellent!
American Man
05/07/18 at 11:30am

First off don't feed the trolls. Second Why are so many snowflakes mad this ended? Generation X people need to get a grip on life and realize that taste change. You had the show, it ended. Stop being snowflakes.
John H. Schneider II
05/06/18 at 04:28pm

And a troll signs in with the name John H. Schneider III to pretend he's me. Not original and he didn't even try to be honest.
No surprise here.
John H. Schneider III
05/06/18 at 11:35am

Of course the left hates the show - They are smart!
And, it looks like it's being brought back on Fox.
I'll be watching Anything else.
John H. Schneider II
05/05/18 at 05:41pm

Of course the left hates the show - Last Man Standing is actually funny!!
And, it looks like it's being brought back on Fox.
I'll be watching.

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