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Lizard Lick Towing

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A reality series focused on the world of vehicle repossession.

The Lizard Lick Towing Company was founded in 1998 with one truck and the purpose of vehicle repossession.

Now with a staff of 15 and a truck fleet of 20, cameras follow owners Ron and Amy along with their team as they work the streets of North Carolina, seizing vehicles in often dangerous situations.

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Posted 05/04/15 at 09:00:32

Please bring back lizard lick towing it one of my favorite sitcom... I miss watching. Plz plz bring it back,
Jesse gulsby
Posted 05/03/15 at 19:25:11

I liked Ron and bobby and Amy they are all funny
Thelma Richardson
Posted 05/02/15 at 15:19:47

Bring lizards lick back
Posted 04/30/15 at 09:13:49

Love this show bring LIZARD LICK BACK PLEASE.
Posted 04/29/15 at 22:13:34

Will Lizard Lick Towing be back?
Posted 04/28/15 at 22:06:20

I know that repeats are still showing between 8am and 10 am and the crew is doing a LOT of personal appearances but as to the actual show the last episode I remember was the one where the dog house was on fire. Do we even know if the dog is ok? IS the show coming back? If I get any answers I'll post here and keep checking here in case someone else finds out.
tommy pate
Posted 04/25/15 at 14:06:38

i love lizard lick towing.licklife
Posted 04/24/15 at 13:29:48

I HOPE that Lizard Lick is NOT cancelled i LOVE that show-im hopeing you bring it back with Ronny Bobby and Amy.It was one of my favorite shows and it upsets me that it has NOT returned!!!Please BRING IT BACK i MISS it!!!!!My brother use to watch ALL the time also and he like myself LOVES the show!!!Please Bring it back!!!!!!
Asa Swingle
Posted 04/20/15 at 19:11:32

I Lizard Lick canceled? I really like it.
Posted 04/17/15 at 12:26:18

When is lizard lick comin back on like fr
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