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Lizard Lick Towing

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A reality series focused on the world of vehicle repossession.

The Lizard Lick Towing Company was founded in 1998 with one truck and the purpose of vehicle repossession.

Now with a staff of 15 and a truck fleet of 20, cameras follow owners Ron and Amy along with their team as they work the streets of North Carolina, seizing vehicles in often dangerous situations.

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greg woods
Posted 05/13/15 at 09:51:43

i am confused as to why we have not seen the return of lizard lick towing it is a show i looked forward to watching weekly please bring back lizard lick for all the fans who love it and also help network stay strong i think it is sad that something is love by many fans that ones with money decide to play games as to wether or not your bringing it back well i have news if you fail to bring it back i know i,m speaking for lizard lick fans i will quit watching tru t.v and encourage others to do the same ya,ll put some stupid shows on in place of a really great family show bring back lizard lick
Posted 05/13/15 at 08:51:47

Trutv doesnt have many shows to begin with. They are constantly reshowing reruns and cramming "the new trutv" down our throats. With so many people asking for the older popular shows such as Lizard Lick Towing and South Beach Tow. My point is why cant we have both and double your audience. There has to be plenty of room on your program dockett for both style of programming.
Kathy Sandifer
Posted 05/11/15 at 02:25:07

None of these comments have answered the question
Kathy Sandifer
Posted 05/11/15 at 02:23:22

I don't care for your new shows... I want south beach tow, lizard luck & oper repo back
Linda king
Posted 05/10/15 at 09:00:53

i stopped watching your channel because u took them off
Posted 05/10/15 at 01:45:03

*** Southbeach Tow. Sorry typo
Posted 05/10/15 at 01:43:32

Just so you know "new" tru tv, as they call it, your new shows are not entertaining and I have boycotted your channel. Bring back the good stuff like lizard lick towing and southtow beach and the other one with the meter maids. Now those were entertaining and why I watched your channel 24/7. Bobby actually made an appearance in a small town from West Virginia where I'm from to fundraise money for a very sick little girl just a few months old. Those are the kind of people I want to see on tv. Not this new fake off and other ignorant shows you are airing..
Posted 05/09/15 at 18:09:57

Bring back the show please. I love watching it
Posted 05/08/15 at 00:44:08

The show is coming back June 11th at 10est time.
Posted 05/04/15 at 09:00:32

Please bring back lizard lick towing it one of my favorite sitcom... I miss watching. Plz plz bring it back,
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