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Lizard Lick Towing

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Network: truTV

A reality series focused on the world of vehicle repossession.

The Lizard Lick Towing Company was founded in 1998 with one truck and the purpose of vehicle repossession.

Now with a staff of 15 and a truck fleet of 20, cameras follow owners Ron and Amy along with their team as they work the streets of North Carolina, seizing vehicles in often dangerous situations.

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Posted 11/14/15 at 03:41:29

I would like to know why your company would even consider taking Lizard Lick off? Lizard Lick was the best show that you had on your channel.Unless you reconsider your decision I will never watch your channel again and I will make it my personal goal to make sure that I get as many people as possible to stop watching your channel and that goes for your tv sponsors also.I was always told if you really want to get someone's attention get them where it hurts and in this situation it is your channels sponsors.I will contact them and get everyone I can calling your sponsors and if they don't listen we will hit them where they hurt by not buying their products either way they will know what a crappie tv channel that you have.It doesn't make sense to leave some of that dumb programming on and take the best show you have ever had off.
Posted 11/11/15 at 19:09:02

I want more lizard lick towing. What the hell is taking you so long to put it back on air. LIZARD LICK TOWING! LIZARD LICK TOWING! LIZARD LICK TOWING......WE ARE ALL WAITING !!!!!
Posted 11/11/15 at 17:54:59

Bring back the show or bring back all worked up I know so many people who have the same feelings as I do. We really love the show please bring it back
Posted 11/11/15 at 00:33:29

Bring them back I love this show
Posted 11/08/15 at 22:05:11

Bring back lizard lick that was the best show. on trutv please bring it back
Posted 11/08/15 at 18:46:16

We loved your show and watched every time it was on please and everyone begs u to bring it back on ASAP
Posted 11/08/15 at 13:05:36

So mad why you guys cancel this show, please bring it back. 😠😠
Posted 11/08/15 at 03:58:06

Very sad and hurt that you took off lizard lick. Please bring it back on.. We love this show
Posted 11/07/15 at 18:53:21

I will never watch tru tv again until lizard lick and south beach Tow come back on..damn storage auctions the Hell with the four best friends and screw cabanaro.
Posted 11/07/15 at 16:43:44

I've waiting for over a year to see what happened after the last episode, this show is the only good one on tru tv every thing else is either really stupid or re-runs. I too will boycott this channel.

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